Radio Maestro Named Commercially Most Demanded Station in Georgia

Radio Maestro Named Commercially Most Demanded Station in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Radio Maestro 94.7 FM is commercially the most demanded radio station in Georgia, reveals the latest research, and the management of the radio company are predicting they will complete the year 2018 even more successfully.

Radio Maestro supported this year’s Golden Brand awards, which is recognised as the most influential business awards ceremony in Georgia.

“This year we became a partner of the Golden Brand awards for the second time. As a news-format radio it is important for us to be involved in such projects and events that promote and support business development in Georgia,” said Tamar Bakuradze, Head of the Marketing Department at Radio Maestro.

Q. How important is it for local businesses to have such promotional events?

A. Awards ceremonies and other activities that encourage Georgian business, and especially start-up companies, are very important.

Strengthening Georgian brands means a stronger economy for the country.

Q. How successful was the year 2017 for Radio Maestro and how has 2018 started for the company?

A. The year 2017 was quite fruitful for Radio Maestro. We launched new projects and according to the latest research Radio Maestro was named the most popular radio station in Georgia in terms of commercial purposes.

We hope that the year 2018 will be another successful year for the company.

In general, I would say that radio is the most convenient media tool. People listen to the radio at home, whilst driving, on public transport, on mobile phones or computers, and especially when we have live broadcasts on Facebook as well.

Q. Does Radio Maestro cover the whole territory of Georgia?

A. Radio Maestro covers the whole territory of Georgia and is the only radio station in the country that is broadcasting 24/7. This is one of the most important advantages of Radio Maestro.

Loyal listeners of our radio always get the latest information about developments in our country and those happening abroad as well.

Our radio has a high rating and is very trusted by our listeners.

Q. How diverse are the programmes that Radio Maestro offers its listeners?

A. We mainly cover political and business related issues. We also offer different kinds of interesting and entertaining programmes.

Taking into account the fact that Radio Maestro has an audience of all ages and different public representations, it is important for us to offer them interesting programmes and topics.

We can say that Radio Maestro is a kind of mediator between listeners and the ongoing developments in our country.