Hairline International First in Transcaucasia Offering Long Hair Transplantation

Hairline International First in Transcaucasia Offering Long Hair Transplantation

The FINANCIAL -- Georgia’s leading hair restoration therapeutic-scientific centre, Hairline International, is planning to expand in Georgia, opening new branches in the Black Sea resort town of Batumi, and the third largest city of Georgia – Kutaisi. Furthermore, the clinic’s management also plans to expand the sphere of its services and introduce novelties in the future.

The high professionalism of Hairline International’s staff and 14 years of successful practice on the market are its trustworthy guarantor of quality hair transplantation. This year Hairline International won a Golden Brand award. Over 100 experts as well as customers named Hairline International their favourite hair implantation clinic in Georgia.

One of the founders of the Hairline International clinic is doctor of medical sciences Professor Tamaz Tamazashvili. The effectiveness of hair transplantation was experienced by Professor Tamazashvili himself many years ago. Then in 1997 for the first time in Transcaucasia, in Tbilisi he introduced his own hair transplantation technology, founding the “Talizi” clinic (named after his two daughters – Tamara and Lizi). Further to the world’s achievements in the hair transplantation field, professor Tamazashvili has enriched it with his own clinical researches over the years. And together with his team of new scientists, he founded the new hair transplantation clinic Hairline International, which is a global leader in the field, and included in the ten best hair transplantation clinics in the world.

“We have gained recognition in many countries across Europe but it is most important when one’s home country recognises one as the leader of their field,” said Irakli Bebiashvili, CEO of Hairline International.

“Hairline International tries to follow all of the novelties which are already introduced worldwide and Tamaz Tamazashvili, who now works in New York, helps us to follow the world trends. Being included in the world’s 10 best hair transplantation clinics means that Hairline International is constantly introducing innovative methods and technologies. We have professional doctors with years of experience who have worked with us since the establishment of our clinic. We have thousands of satisfied patients, including representatives from Georgia’s show-business,” Bebiashvili said.

Hairline International has contributed a lot to the development of the modern follicular microautotransplantation in Georgia and abroad as well. The first automated device for grafts extraction during hair transplantation using the FUE method was improved by professor Tamazashvili.

With the help of just a 3-assistant-conveyor system, worked out by professor Tamazashvili, it is possible to conduct wide-scale hair transplantation (more than 5,000 grafts) in a short period of time (4-5 hours).

The grafts preservation method, worked out by professor Tamazashvili, was first presented by report at an international conference on hair transplantation in New Orleans, the US, in 1997. Due to this method, the grafts’ survivability has maximally increased. Today the method is used in many clinics all over the world.

Hairline International is the only company in Georgia and Transcaucasia which offers long hair transplantation procedures.

“This is an absolutely new trend in the hair restoration field. The main purpose of long hair transplants is the opportunity to see the final result of hair transplantation straight after surgery. The latest method of the long hair transplantation procedure is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. This method minimises discomfort after surgery and enables the patient as well as the doctor to see the result straight after surgery. This method is unique as it is sutureless,” Bebiashvili said.

Q. Which are the most popular services out of those offered by Hairline International?

A. The sutureless method of hair transplantation is the most popular one, which is requested by 70-75 percent of our patients.

Our women clients mostly ask us for forehead correction and eyebrow transplantations. These services have become very popular recently, following current fashion trends.

As for men, beard transplantations are a very popular and successful procedure here.

Q. How is the number of your patients increasing every year, and how does Hairline International try to attract them?

A. The number of our patients is increasing every year. Years ago there was a sceptical attitude towards hair transplantation, but now that has completely changed. In recent years men are more actively oriented at taking care of themselves and pay greater attention to their looks.

Our clinic often provides its patients with different gift packages and offers. New technologies enable us to reduce prices. At Hairline International different procedures are affordable for clients, while a consultation with our professional doctors is free of charge.

To note, there are a large number of foreign patients seeking to undergo hair transplantation procedures at our clinic. 30% of our clients are foreign. Such a large number of foreign clients highlights the high quality and guaranteed results that our clinic provides.