Kordzadze Law Office: N1 Law Firm in Georgia

Kordzadze Law Office: N1 Law Firm in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Kordzadze Law Office, one of the leading law firms in Georgia, has been awarded at the Golden Brand Awards Ceremony for the tenth time.

Throughout the history of its activity Kordzadze Law Office has gained the reputation of a reliable, ethical and highly professional law firm. And it is this very reputation that brought it its tenth Golden Brand win this year from the leading business awards ceremony in Georgia.

Zviad Kordzadze, the managing partner and attorney of Kordzadze Law Office, explained that the company has been faithfully following three main principles for the last twenty years in its aim to achieve success.

“These principles are: to keep oriented at the interests of its clients; to protect and achieve the clients’ interests by every mean permitted by law and by strictly following ethical norms; to provide clients with qualified services. During the long history of its activity, Kordzadze Law Office has gained the reputation of being a reliable, ethical and highly professional law firm. Highly-qualified professional lawyers with the highest legal and specialised educations are employed at the office,” Kordzadze said.

“Our attorneys prepare contracts and business transactions oriented at the interests of the client providing maximum protection of the client in the case of a dispute. We provide clients with legal verbal and written consultations; drawing up the documents necessary for the clients’ activities; preparation of due diligences, legal opinions and recommendations. It should also be noted that the legal services can be conducted not only in Georgian, but in the Russian, English and German languages as well,” Kordzadze added.

“We practice all fields of law and offer a wide choice of qualified legal services in each field of law, including: civil; corporate law and business transactions; insurance; labour; tax; customs; intellectual; bankruptcy; administrative; criminal; constitutional; international public and international private laws,” he said.

Kordzadze Law Office is contributing to raising a new generation of lawyers in Georgia. The firm has been actively cooperating with the law clinics of Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University to provide a practice course for students at its office and implementation of student programmes.

“This student programme is aimed at giving the chance to young people who are willing to become lawyers and to improve their skills and gain knowledge through the practice course at our law office over the course of three months,” Kordzadze said.

“We have also been actively cooperating with the Georgian-American University. Several graduates of Georgian-American University have been granted the possibility to undergo a practice course at Kordzadze Law Office,” he added.

Besides striving to contribute to the development of the Georgian legal market, Kordzadze Law Office is famous for its support of Georgian art. Kordzadze Law Office has been actively cooperating with the National Centre of Manuscripts.

“The cooperation of Kordzadze Law Office with the National Centre of Manuscripts and the involvement of our firm in the projects of the Centre are mainly financial. The state budget for the Centre is very low, therefore the Centre needs financial supporters for the implementation of specific projects,” said Kordzadze.

“We are very proud to be part of the project “Fonts of Public Figures”, which aims to create computer fonts based on the handwriting of public figures in accordance with their manuscripts. Kordzadze Law Office engaged in this project and with its financial support the fonts of ten public figures: Vaja-Pshavela, Ilia Chavchavadze, Akaki Tsereteli, Ambrosi Khelaia, Luarsab Andronikashvili, Nikoloz Baratashvili, Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani, Davit Guramishvili, Ivane Javakhishvili and Galaktion Tabidze were created,” he said.

“Last year the font of Ekvtime Takhaishvili was also added to this list. It is a very interesting and useful project aimed at the popularisation of Georgian writing with the new generation, as well as contributing to the scarce collection of Georgian fonts. It should also be noted that the created fonts are available free of charge to any interested person,” he added.