– A Leader in Instant Online Loans in Georgia – A Leader in Instant Online Loans in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- is cementing itself as the leader in instant online loans in Georgia as the company offers the best possible loan terms with great customer service. has built a strong, satisfied, and trusted customer base by paying special attention to the requirements of its customers and by meeting their financial needs.

For these reasons has recently received the Golden Brand 2017 award as the most trustworthy and responsible company in the Online Loan industry.

“We are very happy to get this award and most importantly, to see the positive feedback from customers and experts. This recognition is the result of simple and preferential services that created for customers. It is our privilege to offer the best services to customers in Georgia,” said Financial Director of Tsotne Khvedelidze. offers payday loans from GEL 100 to GEL700 for their first-time customers, without any interest payments. As for existing customers they offer the opportunity to borrow up to GEL 10,000 which is one of the largest quick loan amounts in Georgia. People between the ages of 21-65 can borrow money for periods of from one to 24 months.

Last year issued loans worth more than GEL 52 million.

“The majority of our customers are employed women for whom time is an important factor. As for the age group, most of our customers are in the age group of 27-50. The most popular loan amount varies from GEL 500 to GEL 2,200,” he said.

Q. The demand for online requested loans is increasing. What do you think is the reason for such growth? Can we assume that the reason lies in the low income in Georgia?

A. Increased demand for online loans is directly proportional to the simplicity and speed of receiving money online.With the fast-moving pace of technological development, the number of customers using online services is increasing rapidly. Thus, the number of people taking out loans online is also growing. I do not think there is a correlation with low income because the solvency is appraised before issuing a loan. And the amount of the loan is determined according to the customer’s salary amount.

Q. What is the number of overdue loans?

A. Like all financial institutions we also face problem of overdue loans. However, due to the strict lending policy this rate is not high. We have various offers to help customers pay back the money such as loan restructuration, loan prolongation or rescheduling of the loan.

Furthermore, gives advice on how to borrow responsibly and to only apply for a loan when you really need one, and that coming from a company that provides loans is very thoughtful and shows that we really care about our customers.

Q. You say that offers loans in the most affordable conditions. How can you prove it?

A. We offer three types of products to our customers: payday loans, credit line, and installment loans.

For the first time round, customers are able to get a GEL 700 loan without any interest fees during a one month period of time only at This means you get GEL 700 and pay back GEL 700 after one month.

The credit line is an analogue of the payday loan, but here the customers pay a commission as well as the loan over the course of several months.

As for the instalment loans, first-time customers can get a loan worth GEL 3,000 for a 12 month period. In the case of a repeated loan the limit is GEL 10,000 and the term is 24 months.

Our customers get better and better offers each time they stay loyal to and we plan to continue this trend in the future as well.