Solari – Georgia’s Leading Company in Sunflower Seed Manufacturing

Solari – Georgia’s Leading Company in Sunflower Seed Manufacturing

The FINANCIAL -- Golden Brand winner in the category of favourite sunflower seed company – Solari – promises to announce a lot of novelties in 2018. The company plans to introduce different types of products to the Georgian market that will give its customers great satisfaction.

Solari has been operating on the Georgian market since 2014, when it first introduced roasted sunflower seeds for sale in packets.

“However, our experience on the sunflower seed market is actually much older. We actually used to produce raw sunflower materials for the Russian market,” said General Director of Solari, Iuri Tkebuchava. “The competition is high there and years of operations in this business gave us huge experience. Despite the comparatively few years of operations on the Georgian market, we have managed to offer customers distinguished products and take the leading position on the local market,” Tkebuchava added.

Successful developments and company achievements have not evaded customers’ attention and together with over 100 experts of Golden Brand, they named Solari their favourite sunflower seed company.

“The secret of our success is the high quality which is appreciated by our customers and is what has made them loyal to Solari for the past five years already. The Georgian market is saturated with locally-produced or imported products and it is difficult to maintain a leading position with such competition. However, so far our company has managed to maintain its leading position and is taking new steps to achieve new goals,” said Tkebuchava.

Solari produces three types of sunflower seeds: roasted sunflower seeds; salty, roasted sunflower seeds; and shelled, roasted sunflower seeds. Also, Solari imports peanuts from China, processes them in Georgia and sells them locally.

“Out of these products, the roasted sunflower seeds are the most popular,” said Tkebuchava.

Q. Could you please tell us how Solari sunflower seeds are made?

A. For people who are not aware of how sunflower seeds are being produced today, this process is often associated with the traditional method of simply roasting sunflower seeds in a frying pan. But in reality it is a complicated process with multiple stages, and the quality of the products even being tested in special laboratories.

We purchase and import our raw materials from Russia, then clean and wash, prepare and pack them. The Solari products that appear on the shelves are both high quality and delicious.

Q. As of today the Georgian market is saturated with local as well as imported sunflower seeds. How do you compete with them and how healthy is the competition on the local market?

A. As far as I know there are about 60 companies who sell imported or locally-produced sunflower seeds in Georgia. Mostly, demand for this product is highest in the capital Tbilisi and in the eastern regions of Georgia.

In our country there is a stable and comfortable business environment and we feel supported in developing an entrepreneurial business. This is a real prospect for reviving the country’s economy.

There is no monopoly on the Georgian market and I can say that a healthy and competitive environment exists. Therefore, if a company produces a high quality product, it will have a good result and be able to achieve recognition for sure.

Q. What share of the market does Solari currently have?

A. Solari has become the owner of a “Gold” rating among Georgian enterprises according to its financial business activities of 2014-2016. The survey was conducted by the National Business Ratings Union in the category of sunflower seeds.

Solari also became leader and received a “Gold” rating in the ranking of the top three Georgian enterprises.

These awards are some of the best in our field and we can say that taking into account these results Solari truly has the leading position in Georgia with its 20% local market share.

To note, we completed the year 2017 successfully. Solari experienced five percent sales growth last year.

We encourage customers to try Solari sunflower seeds and enjoy their wonderful taste!