Nabeghlavi with Lime and Grapefruit Aromas Conquers the Georgian Market

Nabeghlavi with Lime and Grapefruit Aromas Conquers the Georgian Market

The FINANCIAL -- JSC Healthy Water (Tskali Margebeli), the producer of mineral waters Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro in Georgia, is adding new products to its assortment. First Nabeghlavi with lime aroma, and now grapefruit aroma, are conquering the Georgian market.

Nabeghlavi is able to introduce new products thanks to a new EUR 40 million plant that opened in Georgia’s Guria region, in the village Nabeghlavi last year.

“With the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and other Austrian and Swiss partners we opened an ultra-modern plant equipped with the best technologies. This plant is an export hub and was opened in order to supply different countries of the world with Healthy Water products,” said Avtandil Svimonishvili, General Director of Healthy Water.

“Thanks to this new plant Healthy Water is now able to add new products to its portfolio such as 100 percent natural juices and nectars (Happy Day), juices (Bravo), iced tea (My Tea), and juices for children (Yippy). Besides the Austrian brand Rauch’s products we started producing Nabeghlavi with different aromas, natural mineral water Geo Natura, energy drink Bugha, lemonades, etc. In total our company owns about 220 unique products,” he added.

Q. Please can you tell us more about Nabeghlavi with lime and Nabeghlavi with grapefruit aromas?

A. The history of aromatised Nabeghlavi is interesting.

We realised that our customers loved drinking Nabeghlavi with a piece of lemon or other citrus in it. We considered this fact and researched the potential for aromatised Nabeghlavi and decided to introduce canned Nabeghlavi with lime aroma.

This product was a novelty on the market and at first customers were confused as they imagined it would be a kind of lemonade-type product. The fact is that it is still a mineral water with all the same beneficial characteristics, simply with lime aroma added.

We launched Nabeghlavi with lime aroma last year and so far it has been a very successful product of our company. With this product we not only conquered the Georgian market but made an impression in Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, the US, and Kazakhstan, where the product is being sold very successfully.

As we saw that Nabeghlavi with lime was very successful and the research also showed that customers were waiting for new aromas, we decided to launch Nabeghlavi with grapefruit aroma.

Q. In February 2017 the company sent the first container of Nabeghlavi mineral water to Japan. How many bottles of Nabeghlavi did you export and how has the new product been accepted by the Japanese market?

A. We have sent a test consignment of Nabeghlavi to Japan. Today we can say that Nabeghlavi is sold successfully in Japan as we meet all the criteria and satisfy all of the standards that are upheld on the Japanese market.

As of today Nabeghlavi mineral water is available in 30 countries. Recently we have added some new countries to the list of our export markets but the top export countries so far are: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, the US and Baltic countries.

Our new plant has such capacities that we are freely able to supply the Georgian market as well as foreign markets.

Recently we entered new markets such as Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, and Kuwait. It should be mentioned that these countries have quite strict criteria and we are happy to meet all of them successfully.

Q. As for the Georgian market, what is Healthy Water’s competitive advantage on the domestic market?

A. The village Nabeghlavi where our plant is located was a recreational resort where people used to go to get mineral water baths. We can freely say that Nabeghlavi has recuperative properties. We get water from a bore-hole with a depth of 60-220 m.

We also produce Bakhmaro, which is spring water, and we get this water from a bore-hole of a depth of 1,000 m through 3 km of pipelines.

Asides from the natural aspects that our products have, Nabgehlavi is the leader in sales in Georgia and this also indicates its quality.

Our plant has FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001 standards.

It should be noted that the US Army in Georgia is supplied with Healthy Water products as the company meets the standards of the Pentagon!

Q. Healthy Water has once again won a Golden Brand award. Only this year it became the number one choice not only of experts, but of customers as well, as customers were also involved in the survey process. How does it feel to be the favourite brand of so many?

A. It is very pleasant when experts choose Nabeghlavi. Mineral water Nabeghlavi truly is beneficial for the health. This product has a high mineralisation level, however unlike other waters Nabeghlavi is a product for daily consumption.

It is also very important that our company is developing constantly and takes into account those trends that are established on the market. We offer innovative products to customers.

Healthy Water cares for its customers and offers new and interesting aromas, new formats and most importantly, the company meets international standards that indicate the stable and high quality of the product.

We think these are the reasons why experts and customers named us their favourite brand.