Shangri La Casino Tbilisi Introducing Biggest Table Games Jackpots in Georgia

Shangri La Casino Tbilisi Introducing Biggest Table Games Jackpots in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Starting from June 2018, the modern, stylish and top-service gaming facility in Georgia, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi, is introducing the biggest table games jackpots in Georgia. The new jackpots will be USD 100,000 on Russian and Caribbean Poker and USD 200,000 on Three Card Poker.

“The players have to make a special bonus bet and get the highest card combinations to win the jackpot,” said Marketing and PR Director at Shangri La, Lavrentiy Gubin.

Shangri La Casino Tbilisi celebrated its six year anniversary this year. During these years Shangri La has offered the best casino experience in a comfortable environment.

“This year we had a very big party, which included a street show near Shangri La casino with trumpet orchestra, clowns, live statues and illusionists, which was very well received not only by our guests but also by tourists and locals who were just passing by our casino. Inside the casino we had a lottery for our players, live music and a special festive buffet. The evening was completed with a great cake in the form of the Shangri La building, Mtkvari embankment and the Bridge of Peace,” said Gubin.

Shangri La Tbilisi is a part of the Shangri La Casinos family, managed by Storm International – a world-famous gaming business operator with more than 25 years of history and reputation.

Located in one of the most historic and picturesque areas of Tbilisi near the Bridge of Peace, Shangri La Casino offers both table games (various kinds of Poker, American Roulette, Blackjack, and Punto Banco) as well as state-of-the-art slot machines by the world’s best manufacturers.

For the second year in a row Shangri La was awarded the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia – Golden Brand. Over 100 experts of Golden Brand, along with customers, named Shangri La their favourite casino brand in Georgia.

Q. This year Golden Brand companies were chosen by not just experts, but customers as well. So Shangri La is also the customers’ choice. How happy are you to have got this award for the second time in a row?

A. We are very glad to receive the award especially as it is also related to customers’ choice. The competition in our field is always growing and it is very important for us to keep the highest standards of service and provide our guests with the best experience.

Q. Recently, Shangri La Casino increased the prize funds of its regular lotteries. What is the total prize fund? Can you tell us more about this news?

A. The prize funds of the regular lotteries are increased to the following amounts: weekly lotteries for tables – GEL 35,000; monthly lotteries for tables – GEL 100,000; quarterly lotteries for tables – GEL 150,000; and monthly lotteries for slot-players – GEL 12,000.

The criteria for earning lottery tickets is the same as it used to be. Small tickets are issued for every GEL 250 win/loss on tables. Big tickets are issued for every GEL 2,500 win/loss. Slot-lottery tickets are issued for every GEL 50 win/loss.

The more you play with Shangri La, the more chances you have to win the lottery! All prizes are guaranteed, you just have to be in the casino during the draw.

Q. Shangri La has mostly positive reviews and comments on TripAdvisor. You get positive feedback from customers. In your opinion, what are the main advantages of the casino and why do customers love it?

A. First of all I’d like to mention that all our reviews are real and we never asked anyone, including our employees, to write reviews. We believe that only real reviews give a positive effect to anyone in the hospitality business.

Yes, we have lots of positive reviews from our customers due to the atmosphere we create and the quality of service we provide. However, being in a specific business – gaming, where people may get upset by simply losing more than they could afford, means we sometimes get radically negative ratings and reviews, but this is normal and we are used to it.

Q. Are there any other recent developments of the company which I have not asked you about yet?

A. We are a part of the international Shangri La chain managed by Storm International, a world-famous gaming business operator with 25 years of history and reputation. Our company is focused on development all around the world. Our last project was the opening of the SL Casino in Grand Hotel Kempinski in the very centre of Riga, Latvia. The new casino was opened in November 2017.

Q. How has the company’s revenues increased in 2017 compared to 2016?

A. The company’s revenues showed a total year-on-year growth of 12%, while net profit increased by 14.8%.

In 2017 the greatest growth markets for Storm International’s businesses were Shangri La Casino Tbilisi with growth measured at 21% and Shangri La Yerevan with an astonishing increase in growth of 48%.

Q. What is Shangri La’s market share as of today and how it has been increasing every year?

A. We now see ourselves as among the top 3 land-based casinos in Georgia.

Q. By how much did the number of visitors (in percentage points) increase in 2017-2018? And of which, how many are foreign visitors?

A. We cannot provide figures for 2018 yet, but in 2017 compared to 2016 the revenues of Shangri La Tbilisi, as I said before, increased by 21%, while the number of guests increased by 10-15%. The reason for the growth has been the increase of foreign visitors who continue discovering Georgia as an attractive gaming destination. Over the past year flight schedules have almost doubled from different countries to Tbilisi.

Q. Which is the most popular game and why?

A. Roulette is popular due to its simplicity and Russian Poker is more popular among guests who prefer more interactive games where the player has to make more complicated decisions.

Q. How much did you pay toward the state budget last year? What is your contribution to developing Georgia’s economy?

A. We pay about GEL 1 million in taxes and license fees per month. We provide more than 400 well-paid jobs with good career opportunities. We give business to a great variety of our suppliers and partners. It is also important that we attract wealthy tourists, who like to visit casinos, to Tbilisi, who spend their money not only in the casino, but in hotels, restaurants, shops and so on.