Tech Engineering Group Opens First Showroom in 2018

Tech Engineering Group Opens First Showroom in 2018

The FINANCIAL -- The leading company in Georgia in the field of supply, installation and service of elevators, escalators and lift systems, Tech Engineering Group, is establishing world-recognised modern standards and technologies in the Georgian market.

The company is going to open a shop-showroom of elevators, escalators, car parking and other lift systems in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi, which will be the first of its kind on the Georgian market.

“The showroom will feature the production of world famous manufacturers. Any interested party will be welcome at our showroom where they will be able to get information about anything that interests them. At the same time this showroom will ease the projected work for architects and constructors,” said the Director of Tech Engineering Group, Irine Gloveli.

As Gloveli said, the company is now implementing many interesting projects and among them, is participating in creation of multifunctional tourist zone at one of Georgia’s most unique engineering attractions the Enguri River dam, where a new, panoramic 280 meter elevator is planning to be designed..

“This project will mark Georgia on the world engineering map,” said Gloveli.

The ultimate goal of Tech Engineering Group is to be the leading company and to promote innovations in the field, to improve staff qualifications constantly, to offer customised service packages, and to more efficiently and effectively apply existing company experiences in every project.

This year Tech Engineering Group received a Golden Brand award, becoming the number one favourite brand of both customers and experts.

Q. What does it mean for Tech Engineering Group to be the leader on the market in the field of elevating systems?

A. First of all it means a huge responsibility towards society. It means the constant pursuit of professional perfection and contributing to the development of our country’s engineering field.

Tech Engineering Group was established in 2007. Since the foundation of the company, the aim of each member of the team has been to bring innovations and to design elevators and escalators tailored to customers’ needs. Tech Engineering Group is a company which works individually on each project and creates maximal comfort for our partners.

We have accomplished a number of achievements and gained lots of experience during this time.

In 2009 Tech Engineering Group became the official agent of OTIS, which is the oldest manufacturer of elevators in the world.

We also brought to the market some of the world’s leading manufacturers. In 2016 Tech Engineering Group became an exclusive distributor of KLEEMANN in Georgia. KLEEMANN is one of the leading European brands worldwide in lift production that uses high quality technologies and special engineering solutions.

Tech Engineering Group for many years has been also successfully cooperating with Turkish and Chinese brands all of which offer high quality products and services.

In 2014 we started to contribute to the improvement of vocational education. We have been participating in the development of vocational education standards by DACUM methodology: “Elevator Technician”; “Mechanic of Hoisting-and-Transport Machines and Elevators”; and “Escalator Technician”.

On the basis of these standards, through the coordination of the National Center for Quality Enhancement of the Ministry of Education, personnel of Tech Engineering Group together with the invited group of professionals in 2015 developed a vocational educational programme in the above-mentioned specialties for adoption at vocational educational institutions.

Q. What are the projects that have been implemented by Tech Engineering Group?

A. Over time, the list of important projects implemented by Tech Engineering Group has increased.

We have installed elevators in many state buildings including the former Parliament building in Tbilisi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Justice House offices in the regions, and others.

We also cooperate with commercial organisations and international companies. We implemented projects for the Radisson Blu Batumi hotel; Piazza Batumi; Smart and Wendy’s networks; the Aversi hospital network; and King David complex.

Q. How many people does the company employ and how do you take care of them?

A. Tech Engineering Group employs about 30 people, all of whom are distinguished by their professionalism. Owning the ISO standard certificate proves that the company has well-organized management system. Moreover, it is crucial to mention that our engineering team has years of professional experience and modern approaches towards the work.

The company constantly cares about the professional development of its employees and offers them trainings in Georgia as well as abroad. Together with friendly environment and team working approach organizational process is pleasant for both employees and customers.