Clock – The Best Party Place for Kids in Georgia

Clock – The Best Party Place for Kids in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Georgian children’s party centre ‘Clock’ offers a safe, fun, and clean recreational play environment for your little ones.

As the company management says, the focus of Clock is to provide an exciting facility in which to celebrate parties or events, promoting exercise and fun whilst stimulating children’s imagination and challenging them physically.

Clock is committed to making children’s birthday parties an amazing event and is proud to have been named the number one company in its field. In recognition of its successful operations Clock has received a Golden Brand award this year and become the favourite brand of many.

“It is a big honour for Clock to be a Golden Brand winner company as this prestigious event supports the popularisation of Georgia brands and their development. The Golden Brand award is big motivation for us,” says the administration of Clock.

“This award is also a big responsibility. The main priority for Clock is to create a maximally comfortable and entertaining environment for children which we will continue to do in the future. This prize will encourage us to work harder and justify the Golden Brand experts’ and customers’ choice of us,” the administration said.

Clock was established in 2013. The party centre is located in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi, at 34a, Kazbegi Avenue. As the company management says, they plan to open a Clock branch abroad soon too.

Children from one to 12 years are welcome at Clock. “Activities vary by age, but are always cool and fun for all,” says the management.

Disney characters are greatly in demanded and much loved by children, says Clock’s manager.

Besides its birthday party zone, Clock also offers a game zone for children and a café where they can spend their free time.

Food, decorations, entertainment and more are included in the offers from Clock.

“It is our mission at Clock to provide a safe, friendly, clean and interactive place for families to come together, have fun and enjoy making special memories.

“We attempt to accomplish this by going above and beyond our guests’ expectations, caring and having pride in being the very best at what we do, all the time!

“Let your child and guests be transported to a magical place at our unique children’s party venue,” says Clock’s management.