Gomi Spirit and Vodka Company to Offer Fruit Brandies in 2018

Gomi Spirit and Vodka Company to Offer Fruit Brandies in 2018

The FINANCIAL -- Gomi Spirit and Vodka Company is continuing its successful development on the Georgian market, with plans to offer fruit brandies in the nearest future. Plum, persimmon, mulberry and apple brandies will be launched under the name ‘Ranuni’.

Gomi Spirit and Vodka Company was founded in 1903. Since that time, the company has focused on building sustainable growth by adhering to the core values and business principles that are the cornerstone of corporate philosophy.

Today, with exclusive emphasis on quality, the company is a leading alcoholic beverage manufacturing company in Georgia, achieving success through commitment to storied brands, to customers and to communities.

Gomi Spirit and Vodka Company increased sales by 1.5-2 percent in 2017. Currently, Gomi has a share of about 13-15 percent of the market.

Gomi alcoholic beverages are produced with raw materials from all over Georgia. Wheat from Kartli and Kakheti; Megrelian pepper; honey from Racha; lemon from Guria and Adjara; mint and tarragon from Imereti; and soft Caucasian spring water with zero hardness. It is all of these components that allow Gomi to boldly declare that the company makes natural, environmentally-friendly products.

This year Gomi received a Golden Brand award and became the number one company of alcoholic beverage manufacturers.

“We are very proud to be named a favourite brand by experts and customers. Believe me, it is not easy to achieve such success, moreover when the company is responsible for all of the necessary stages that the product passes through, from the raw materials to the shelf,” said Zaza Tabagari, Strategic Planning Manager of Gomi.

“Customers know that we plant the wheat, bring in the harvest, deliver it to the factory, produce high quality spirit, and from our own alcohol we create various sorts of vodka. It is precisely this that is our advantage, and the main reason for Gomi’s success,” he added.

Q. What is the advantage of the Georgian wheat that you use to make alcohol?

A. In the manufacturing of alcohol a large amount of starch is important as starch is later transformed into alcohol. As for proteins, they are not used in the manufacturing of alcohol.

The advantage of Georgian wheat is its high quality. It is also very important for us that the transportation of Georgian wheat is easier.

Q. As of today, how many sorts of products does Gomi produce?

A. Currently we produce six sorts of vodka: Lux (250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml); Original (250 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml and 1000 ml); Crystal (200 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml and 1000 ml); Premium (350 ml and 700 ml); and Elite (750 ml).

It should be noted that in addition, we produce a 500 ml bottle of vodka with pepper, tarragon, lemon, honey and mint flavours in the Prestige vodka line.

At the same time, we produce two types of natural liqueurs: quince and cherry in 500 ml bottles.

We also produce two types of Georgian Chacha: Classic and Aged.

Q. Which of these products are the most popular?

A. Women mostly like quince and cherry liqueurs, while men prefer our Prestige and Original line vodkas. As for tourists, they prefer the Georgian national beverage Chacha.

Q. How do you compete with other brands on the market?

A. In the open market, it is important to offer high quality products in order to beat the competition. By high quality I mean both product composition and the design of the bottle. Marketing strategy and 21st century-level communication with customers are also very important.

Q. How favourable is the business environment in Georgia?

A. It is very important to improve the business circumstances for the distribution companies; to create such a business environment where they will be able to get money from the trading centres in time and without losses. We hope the situation will be improved in this direction.

Q. Do you export Gomi products and if so, where to?

A. We export Gomi products but not regularly. In the nearest future we plan to export Gomi’s Chacha to Russia and China.