Food Ingredients Supplier DOEHLER GEORGIA Wins First Golden Brand Award

Food Ingredients Supplier DOEHLER GEORGIA Wins First Golden Brand Award

The FINANCIAL -- Doehler Georgia is the leading supplier of natural food ingredients for Georgia’s non-alcoholic beverage industry, holding a 90 percent share of the country’s market.

This year Doehler Georgia received its first Golden Brand award, which is the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia.

Over 100 experts of Golden Brand as well as customers, who were also involved in this year’s survey, named Doehler Georgia their favourite brand in the field of natural ingredients supplier of Georgia’s food industry.

“Our motto is – “WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE” – which briefly describes Doehler’s strategic approach towards innovations and entrepreneurship. This includes market research, monitoring trends, development of innovative products, food safety and consultations about microbiology. In our opinion, this is the reason why we have been selected by consumers and experts over other companies that are on the market,” said George Odisharia, Director of Doehler Georgia.

“Being a leading company in Georgia in our sphere is recognition of years of hard work. This is also a big responsibility as we have to justify the customer’s hopes and make our relations better quality, more comfortable and successful,” he added.

In general, Doehler is one of the world’s leading producers, marketers and suppliers of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Using nature and innovative technologies as the company’s starting point, the Doehler portfolio includes more than 10,000 applications on the market, a staff of more than 6,000 committed employees, customers in more than 130 countries, over 4,000 different raw materials, 50 innovative technologies and product solutions for more than 120 B2C categories.

Meanwhile in Georgia, Doehler has been operating for 14 years already in the B2B category.

“Doehler Georgia’s target audience is the non-alcoholic beverage producing factories and the majority of them have already become our clients,” Odisharia said.

“We are constantly in a process of renewal, we are in close contact with our clients, our company provides full technology services to client companies, including the launch of test products,” he added.

Q. How favourable a business environment is it in Georgia especially in the field of food ingredients, and also how does Doehler compete with other companies?

A. The food industry in Georgia is not as developed as it is in Western countries. I would like all Georgian enterprises to be equipped with modern technologies.

The business of food ingredients is not an easy one, taking into account the fact that we do not only sell the product but also provide full technological support to the producers. We help the companies to create a recipe for a desired product and support the introduction of new products.

Also, it is very important to have organised logistics and permanent supplies in our warehouse for the uninterrupted operation of local factories.

Such products that Doehler offers Georgia are not produced locally and no other companies are involved in the production of such food ingredients. Therefore we do not have a local competitor.

As for foreign products, we do have competitors, but the products offered by us are the highest quality natural products that are popular in many countries of the world. The quality of the product makes Doehler popular as a leader in Georgia.

Q. From which countries do you import food ingredients?

A. Product that is imported to Georgia is produced by Doehler GmbH in Germany, in the city of Darmstadt where our company’s headquarters are.

These products are produced in accordance with the highest standards. And these highest standards determine the production’s highest quality.

Doehler offers over 3,000 sorts of products to the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage producers such as aromatizers, emulsions, fruit concentrates, extracts, acids and other products.

Q. How did Doehler Georgia complete the year 2017 – what were the sales statistics?

A. The year 2017 was successful for Doehler Georgia. We implemented several projects. As for sales, we experienced 37 percent growth in realisation in 2017 compared to 2016. And in total, Doehler Georgia serves about 200 clients in the country.