NOKI Offers New Products and Services to Customers in 2018

NOKI Offers New Products and Services to Customers in 2018

The FINANCIAL -- NOKI, Georgia’s leading swimming pool designer and constructor, is going to offer new products and services to its customers this year.

“We are working on several innovative projects which we plan to implement in the near future. These projects will help swimming pool owners to keep the water clean for a long time and effectively control and manage all the pool facilities,” said Executive Director of NOKI Nodar Ghlonti.

“We also plan to start producing different equipment for swimming pools in Georgia, which will be better than the imported analogues in terms of performance quality, technical capacity and guarantees,” he added.

These are not the only novelties that NOKI is planning to introduce to the Georgian market soon. This year NOKI will also present water-melting filters in partnership with Austrian company BWT.

“These filters are in very high demand in cafés and restaurants for coffee machines. By using the filter water becomes softer and enriched with minerals. It significantly improves the quality of the water and, accordingly, of the coffee,” said Ghlonti.

“We are also offering polymer decks that consist of 60 percent wood and 40 percent polymer. Its advantage is that it maintains the distinctive characteristic of wood while at the same time prevents problems such as damage, cracks and fading from occurring,” he continued.

NOKI has become the number one brand in Georgia in terms of the construction, design and architecture of swimming pools and, as a result, has received a Golden Brand for the second time in a row.

“We are a customer-oriented company. We do our best to meet customers’ interests. Our company is distinguished by its high standards and professional skill. It is this that creates our corporate culture. I think NOKI deserved its Golden Brand win taking into account all of the factors I have mentioned. It is very important for every brand to gain local recognition,” Ghlonti said.

Q. Who are your customers and how does NOKI meet their requirements?

A. High class hotels and organisations are among the list of our customers. Included among them are the Radisson in Tbilisi and Batumi; Holiday Inn; Hotel Rooms; Club 71; Hotel Crystal; and Hotel Astoria. We also serve embassies in Georgia and foreign companies represented in our country.

NOKI provides various services to customers, such as: selecting the design of a swimming pool that is best tailored to customers’ individual needs; the design and construction, as well as implementation, of its hydro-isolation and pavement; the installation of water filtering and heating systems; installation of water attractions and providing customers with all possible accessories; selection and installation of pool roofing or cover construction; supply of chemicals that control water quality; provision of any service relevant to the swimming pool; offers of useful discount conditions; as well as the provision of a warranty service.

NOKI carries out all of the above services using materials by various leading producers and gives customers the opportunity to pick from a vast array of options.

Q. What kind of swimming pools are fashionable and high in demand in Georgia?

A. In Georgia large swimming pools are more in demand than in Europe, for example. The majority of Georgian customers prefer maximally-equipped swimming pools.

Also, demand is growing for spa centres and pools at hotels.

Q. How has the number of your customers increased in 2017 and over the previous year?

A. We have built a number of swimming pools in Georgia since appearing on the market and last year we added about 50 swimming pools.

All of them are individual and innovative. However, I want to mention in particular three swimming pools that we built at a 5-star hotel in Batumi, of which one of them is located on the 12th floor.

Working on outdoor swimming pools at a 4-star hotel in Kakheti was also interesting for us. This swimming pool made the area more beautiful and comfortable.

Q. The company has moved to a new address where customers can visit its updated showroom. Please can you tell us what this office looks like and what visitors will see there?

A. Our new address is at Politkovskaya, 38. The sharp increase in the assortment of products we offer persuaded us to move to a larger office. At the new office we are able to offer our customers a larger parking space. We also have quite a large warehouse there and most importantly – the new office provides more comfort for our staff.

At our showroom customers can see all of our products, including swimming pool equipment, spa pools, solar showers, waterfalls, and robots, all of which are exhibited there.

Q. How competitive is the Georgian market and what is NOKI’s competitive advantage?

A. NOKI was established in 2004 and has held the leading position on the Georgian market since then. Our priorities are: having a wide assortment of production; concentrating on customers’ choice; and ensuring high quality. It is very important for us to be closer to our customers and to understand their needs. This is key to successful business and this is our competitive advantage.

One of the biggest problems that the Georgian market faces is low quality. Many companies have started a similar business in Georgia, but only a few of them do a high quality job. Regardless of that though, I still wish success and further development for them all.