Aspria Fitness Centre Offers New Group Exercise Programmes in 2018

Aspria Fitness Centre Offers New Group Exercise Programmes in 2018

The FINANCIAL -- Aspria, the fitness centre network in Georgia, continues to offer the best workout options to its members, and this time a new exercise programme will soon be available for fitness enthusiasts which psychologists will also be involved in.

“Fitness is a fast developing sphere in Georgia. Offering just the best fitness centre with the best fitness equipment is not enough anymore. As Aspria already creates the perfect environment for its members, now is the time to be more oriented on complex group exercise programmes,” said shareholder and General Director of Aspria, Levan Kajaia.

“We are already offering several interesting exercise programmes and are improving these programmes periodically. Very soon Aspria will offer a new exercise programme which psychologists will also be involved in, providing practical advice to customers. I think that such creative and innovative offers are important in order to keep one’s leading position on the market,” he added.

Aspria has cemented itself as the leader on the Georgian market and became the winner of the Golden Brand Awards for the third time in a row thanks to the good environment, professional trainers, all types of fitness equipment and various exercise programmes it provides.

Aspria has been on the Georgian market for six years already. The first Aspria centre opened in 2012 while today Aspria is positioned with four centres in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and one in the Black Sea resort town Batumi.

Located in the most populated parts of the city – Saburtalo, Gldani, Didube and Vake – Aspria has become easily accessible for customers. Furthermore, working out at one of Aspria’s fitness centres is also financially affordable for people. Starting from GEL 15 (per one-day visit) everyone can use Aspria’s services. Unlimited membership for a one-month period will cost GEL 99, while annual unlimited access costs GEL 799. With unlimited membership you can visit any branch, at any time, 24/7, with no limit on entrance, even several times a day. Moreover, Aspria is the first to offer its members a recurring payment method - easy to use online payment gate that offers members to purchase an annual membership and be charged automatically for 75 gel per month directly from their bank card.

Q. This year the Golden Brand winner companies were revealed in a different way. Not only experts but also customers were involved in the process of choosing Georgia’s favourite brands. What does it mean for you to gain recognition from experts as well as customers?

A. This new mechanism for revealing the winners has made this third Golden Brand award the most important one for us so far. This year’s success is very exciting as the competition now is higher compared to in previous years as many new fitness centres have opened in Georgia.

We have been represented on the Georgian market for almost six years already and still maintain our leading positions and of course we are not going to give up these positions in the future.

Aspria fitness remains faithful to its original mission, to make fitness and a healthy lifestyle affordable to more and more people. It has been six years already that the fitness industry determines the price of services following Aspria fitness’s price policy, which is the largest player on the market.

Q. How did Aspria become the number one fitness centre in Georgia and what is the current market share of the centre?

A. Aspria is the only fitness centre network in Georgia, and therefore offers it services to customers on a larger scale. What’s more, we put an accent on highly qualified and attentive professional trainers.

In recent years in Georgia, demand for fitness centres has not been increasing as fast as the fitness centres are developing themselves. Unfortunately a healthy lifestyle has still not become part of Georgian society’s daily reality. This is related both to the mentality as well as economic problems.

In this regard the Georgian Government’s initiative which aims to establish and promote a healthy lifestyle among Georgian society is an interesting one. We welcome this initiative as it is absolutely in compliance with our company’s mission.

As for the market share, as of today we hold an 18 percent share of the Georgian market.

Q. How did the number of Aspria members increase in 2017 compared to 2016?

A. Our number of clients increased by 18 percent in 2017 compared to 2016. Last year the number of corporate clients increased significantly.

The share of male members increased from 70% to 75% last year, while the share of female members decreased from 30% to 25% compared to 2016.

As for the age group, most of the people who work out at Aspria (about 45% of them) are between the ages of 15-25. Then comes the age group of 26-35 (37% of our total number of clients) and 36-45 year old people whose share of the total number of Aspria clients makes up 13%.

Q. Which exercise programme is the most popular one?

A. Aerobics is traditionally the most popular programme. Pilates is also popular, Tae Bo, but recently boxing and TRX programmes have become very in demand and popular. People’s interest in boxing has exceeded our expectations.