Golden Brand Marks its 10th Anniversary, Awarding 34 Companies

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The FINANCIAL — Golden Brand, the most influential business awards ceremony in Georgia, has revealed 34 companies, of 43 nominations, which achieved the utmost success in the branding of their business throughout the year 2014.

This year Golden Brand celebrated its 10th anniversary and received congratulations and best wishes from the business community. Golden Brand was named a brand itself, which establishes new standards and encourages other companies to implement successful activities.

A total of 11 newcomers joined Golden Brand this year. Among the winners were: Rexona, Dirol, Pampers, LC Waikiki, Caucasus Travel, Bebe +, Caparol, Laboratory My Home, Lisi Development, and  Tabla, which all received their Golden Brand award for the first time.

The 10th anniversary of the Annual Ceremony of the Golden Brand Awards was held by Global Idea and The FINANCIAL, with the support of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce and the Georgian Women Business Association.

The event’s radio partner was Fortuna and Fortuna Plus. 2014’s Golden Brand was supported by Pasha Bank and Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

The event was attended by more than 200 of the top managers of the leading companies in the country. The winners were awarded diplomas and Golden Brand trophies in recognition of their achievements. The nominee brands were selected on the basis of their awareness and popularity, and also on the creativity of the advertising campaign related to the brand.

“Golden Brand is celebrating its jubilee this year, marking its 10th anniversary. During these 10 years Golden Brand has become established as a brand itself – this is what our winner companies say,” said Natia Jincharadze, Director of Global Idea, Marketing research company. “It is deemed to be the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia. I am very happy to see how proud the winner companies are when receiving Golden Brand status. This is a huge responsibility for us at the same time – to be organizers of such an important business awards ceremony. It is often referred to as ‘the Oscars of the business world’ in the media,” she added.

Winners of the award are able to successfully use the Golden Brand mark for marketing and PR purposes. Golden Brand reveals and awards the companies with a successful branding business. The popularity of the brands is identified through a special survey which focuses on creative decisions made for the popularization of the brand.

“Golden Brand is a good initiative, already a tradition, and many companies participate in it. Both companies as well as the population need recognition of such kinds of golden brands,” said Jemal Inaishvili, President of Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry. “Golden Brand is a brand itself and I wish it great success – Congratulations!” he added.

“We, as the Georgian Women Business Association, need strong partners and are proud to have this partnership with Golden Brand. I would like to congratulate Golden Brand on its 10th anniversary. I hope we will continue our cooperation in the coming years. Golden Brand is a celebration, positive and glamorous,” said Nino Demetradze, Georgian Women Business Association.

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“Laboratory My Home is proud to be one of the companies to hold Golden Brand status. Laboratory My Home is an innovative project on the Georgian market with wonderful plans for further development. We do hope to gain such recognition in coming years as well based on the successful activities that our company will implement in the future,” said Maka Gvritishvili, Head of the Marketing Department at ICR.

“Our company does its best to provide our customers with excellent service. TBC Pay is running a very active marketing campaign, which resulted in it being named a Golden Brand. This is an additional reason for our customers to be attracted to TBC Pay and use our services,” said Davit Kenchadze, TBC Pay.

“Caucasus Travel and the tourism sector in Georgia are kind of synonymous. We were the first company who suitably represented Georgia as a touristic destination to the world, and we are continuing this work today as well. Next year we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary, which is proof of our long history and hard work for Georgia’s tourism sector development. Golden Brand is a form of recognition, a name that lasts forever and that is part of our history,” said Saba Kiknadze, Caucasus Travel.

“PSP has been named a Golden Brand for the ninth time this year. We are very grateful to the experts that justly assess our company’s activities and recognize it as a Golden Brand company. Besides the recognition, it is a huge responsibility for PSP to be a Golden Brand winner company. However, it encourages us to never weaken and always offer the best products and services to our customers,” said Natia Khabeishvili, PSP.

“Barambo is celebrating a jubilee this year; we are celebrating our fifth anniversary. At the same time this is our fifth Golden Brand win. Throughout the year Barambo does its best to be recognized once again and become a Golden Brand company of the year. Being a Golden Brand company is a result of a great deal of hard work,” said Tako Nibladze, Barambo.

“First of all, I want to say happy 10th anniversary to Golden Brand! Then I want to congratulate my company and the 400 employees of Kula that have all contributed to our winning the Golden Brand award. This is an important incentive for the company to work harder and to receive this prize again and again.”

“Golden Brand is a  great recognition, not only of Tbilisi Mall itself, but of all the people who work there. We have over 2,000 employees. We try to improve every year to attract more customers,” said Gary Dunkley, Tbilisi Mall.

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“Nikora is the oldest meat producer company in Georgia, having operated for 16 years on the market. During that time the company has been in the process of constant development. We always try to offer customers quality and delicious production,” said Irakli Bokolishvili, Nikora General Director.

“Last year we introduced our high quality tea product Prince Gurieli,” said Mikheil Chkuaseli, CEO of Geoplant. “For the first time in the history of Georgian tea we have started producing the so-called pyra-packs, loose tea packaged in pyramid tea bags to retain the best taste. This initiative increased the export potential of our products. The current year will also be very important and challenging for us as we plan to build a new enterprise which will produce the pyra-packs. The constructions will be completed in June this year. A 300 ha tea plantation will be rehabilitated this year as well. We hope to receive Golden Brand next year in recognition of all of Gurieli’s activities of 2015,” he added.

“Each expert makes their decision individually, based on their own taste priorities. Wine is a product that one tastes, and experts choose the wine company that tastes the best,” said Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Tbilvino.

“For an insurance company the most important thing is to enjoy customers’ trust. I think this is the parameter according to which experts named us a Golden Brand insurance company,” said Tina Stambolishvili, GPI Holding.

“Geocell received Golden Brand awards in three categories: favourite mobile company; socially responsible company; and innovative and creative company. Golden Brand acts as motivation for others, is prestigious and provides motivation for the future,” said Lika Metreveli, Geocell.

“Lisi Development is a distinguished company on the Georgian market as it is establishing innovative standards. We are a green company whose conception is 80/20. This means that 80 percent of our territory is green and only 20 percent is allocated for constructions. Lisi Development is a new standard on the Georgian market. Golden Brand is also a new standard and leader in its sphere,” Nodar Adeishvili, General Director at Lisi Development, told The FINANCIAL.

“This is the seventh Golden Brand for Kordzadze Law Firm. High quality service and customers’ trust in us are the criteria that won us a Golden Brand. Golden Brand is a possibility for the business to receive worthy recognition for its successful activities,” Zviad Kordzadze, Kordzadze Law Firm.

Golden Brand reveals and awards the companies with a successful branding business carried out in the previous year. The brand’s popularity is identified through a special survey which focuses on creative decisions made for the popularization of the brand.

The results of the survey are summarized by Global Idea and The FINANCIAL through calculating the votes of interviewed experts. The nominee brands are selected by awareness and popularity parameters, and also by the creative advertising campaigns implemented by the brand.


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