Greatest Georgian Athletes

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Here is a list of the greatest Georgian athletes which some of you might not know! Some of them are still alive.

  • Robert Shavlakadze

With a historical popularity index (HPI) of 69.82, he is probably the most celebrated athlete originating from Georgia. He was a high-jumper who represented the Soviet Union in the 1960 Olympics where he won gold and in the 1964 Olympics where he finished fifth. In the 1962 European Championships, he earned a bronze, and earned the Soviet Title in 1964. Later, he worked as a coach. He passed away in 2020.

  • Viktor Saneyev

He is probably the 2nd most famous athlete coming from Georgia and has an HPI of 64.40. He was a triple jumper who had a great international career. He represented the USSR in the Olympics and had won medals four times. He won three golds for the 1968, 1972, and the 1976 Olympics and silver for the 1980 Olympics. He was born in Sukhumi, in Georgian SSR, trained in Sukhumi and Tbilisi and is retired now.

  • Rafael Chimishkyan

He has a historical popularity index of 57.34, thereby making him the 3rd most famous athlete coming from Georgia. He was a weightlifter. He has represented the Soviet Union in major international championships like the Olympics, the World and European championships as well as the Soviet Championship inside the nation. He obtained the title of the Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR in 1952. He is currently retired and an honorary citizen of Tbilisi.

  • Medea Jugeli

With an HPI of 56.03, Jugeli is the 4th most popular athlete from Georgia and the most popular female Georgian athlete. She was an artistic gymnast. In the Summer Olympics of 1952, she represented the Soviet and ended up being in the top 15 of all artistic gymnast events. She ended up winning a gold and silver medal each. Along with this, she had won 7 national titles in the vault. Later on, she worked as a gymnast coach till she died in 2016.

  • Keto Losaberidze

She has an HPI of 52.84 which makes her the fifth most famous athlete coming from Georgia. She was an archer who represented the Soviet Union in the 1972 and 1980 Olympics winning a gold in the latter and becoming the only champion archer Soviet ever produced. During this span, she won two Soviel titles and two World and European championships. She is currently retired after being the head of the Georgian Archery Federation.

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