Gulf Georgia to Sponsor Rugby Union

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The FINANCIAL — Gulf Georgia has now become the chief sponsor of the Georgian Rugby Union. The partnership will last until January 1, 2013. Gulf Georgia will invest 100,000 GEL in the development of Georgian rugby as a result of the collaboration.


Representatives of the sponsor company said that this kind of cooperation is important not only for the team but for the promotion of the company itself. According to the agreement, the Gulf logo will be printed on the shirts of the players.

“Gulf continues to support sport in Georgia. We consider it important that sport should be supported by the business sector in the country,” said Otar Katamadze, Vice President of Gulf Georgia. “It is a great pleasure when a company can provide financial assistance to a team which the whole country is very proud of. With our financial support we are giving the possibility to the team to develop and have greater success,” he added.

Gulf Georgia explained that the reason why the company chose to support the Rugby Union is that rugby is one of the most successful sports in Georgia. “We are already sponsors of Dinamo Tbilisi. So we contribute to the development of Georgian football as well. We want to support other types of sport in Georgia. Georgian rugby has brought big success to the country. We will try to help the Union to make this success greater and greater. Gulf Georgia plans to continue supporting Georgian sport by sponsoring other types of sport as well,” said Katamadze.

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Despite the fact that a one-year contract has been signed between Gulf Georgia and the Rugby Union, both sides hope that this cooperation will continue in the future as well. “We have very interesting plans for the following four years. So it is vital for us that this type of cooperation continues,” said Giorgi Nijaradze, President of The Georgian Rugby Union. “I am very glad for this agreement and I hope that other companies will do the same and invest funds in the development of the national team and rugby clubs. We are doing our best to develop Georgian rugby. We have important projects and important funds are necessary for their implementation as well. Without the financial support, which is necessary for the competitiveness in Georgian sports, we are doomed to failure,” he added.

“The Government helps us, the stadiums are being built by the programme of Kartu, Natakhtari is our other sponsor as well and the international federation also supports the Georgian Rugby Union. All this is good, but not enough. Georgian business should be more involved in developing processes,” said Nijaradze. “If Georgian business does not support us, we will not have strong clubs, there will not be competition among the clubs and the level of our championship will not have risen,” he added.

The contract contains certain obligations. The Georgian Rugby Union undertakes PR and advertising of Gulf Georgia. Meanwhile Gulf will finance the Union.

Gulf Georgia was one of the most prominent companies in the oil business sector last year. The Union of Oil Products, Enterprisers, Importers and Customers awarded the company for contribution to the development of Georgian sport in 2011.

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