Harmonised European regulation on pilot fatigue will retain safety

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The FINANCIAL — The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued its final opinion on pilot’s flight and duty time limitation (FTL), which will harmonise the current patchwork of rules dominated by national regulations.

EASA’s rulemaking procedure involved all actors concerned and was built on existing regulations (EU-OPS
Subpart Q) and relevant national rules also taking into account robust safety data and scientific studies. As a
next step of the legislative procedure, the EU institutions together with the Member States will be consulted.


The Association of European Airlines (AEA) welcomes the publication of the opinion, since the new regulation
will ensure the safety of flying: Europe will continue to have among the strictest rules in the world. In
particular the maximum Flight Duty Period (FDP) for night flights will be reduced by 45 minutes to a total of 11 hours and rest requirements will be stricter too. We also take note of the fact that the UK Civil Aviation
Authority has previously declared that EASA’s proposal is to a large extend equivalent to the UK CAP 371 rules.
This should reassure the opponents of EASA’s proposals who had previously declared the UK rules as the


“Safety comes first for each stakeholder, including pilot and cabin crew unions, safety regulators and airline
representatives. Despite the fact that existing EU Subpart Q rules were safe, the AEA has accepted EASA’s
proposals to add further restrictions to those rules Nevertheless a few minor improvements are needed to
prevent unjustified cost increases in some specific cases. The new regulation will maintain the desired level of
safety protection” says Athar Husain Khan, acting Secretary General of AEA. As the Association of European Airlines said they are confident that EASA has conducted an extensive work to come up with the opinion, which considers purely safety aspects.

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