Healthy and Tasty: Healthy Beverages Company Offers Kombucha, Healthy Alternative of Soft Drinks

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Fizzy and fruity, refreshing and healthy fermented tea of Kombucha is already available for the Georgian customers with three flavors – raspberries, basil, and Marakuia.

For the first time in Georgia, a local Healthy Beverages Company has introduced Henka Kombucha  in August and in this short period of time the drink has gained popularity especially among health enthusiasts.

In this interview the Director of Healthy Beverages Company Giorgi Bakashvili has talked about thenewdrink, highlighted its health benefits and also shared some future plans of the company


Q. Please introduce us to the Healthy Beverages Company itself and then its main product Kombucha that the company has been offering Georgian consumers.

A. Healthy Beverages Company is a Georgian brand which was founded in 2020 and offers consumers a healthy drink, which is known in the world as Kombucha. Our ancestors referred to it as the tea fungus. Kombucha has a history of more than 2,000 years and was often even called the elixir of life.

Kombucha is a sweet-sour-flavored drink made from fermented tea, and a type of bacteria and yeast, and is consumed by health proponents worldwide. What makes the tea healthy is the fact that in addition to all the benefits of regular tea, it is also rich in probiotics.

The drink was first made in China, then spread to Japan and the rest of the world. Of course, Japan also added different methods of making Kombucha, refined its taste and aroma.

Henka Kombucha is already available on the Georgian market. We have almost completed the negotiations with almost all leading chain stores. For example, the customers will soon be able to buy any of our products at AgroHub hypermarket chain.

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Henka Komobucha is a healthy drink made from 100% natural product, non-pasteurized, healthy drink without additives and its price is much lower than the benefits. The price of the drink in the market will vary from 6 GEL to 7 GEL.

Henka Kombucha is for everyone who cares about their own health, who is looking for a healthy alternative to an energy or soft drink. It is made in Georgia and we try to use Georgian raw materials as much as possible.

Q. How is Kombucha made?

A. The basic ingredients of kombucha are tea and sugar. Despite the presence of sugar, it is so harmless to drink that it is used in the treatment of type two diabetes. The drink undergoes fermentation, it is fermented for at least one week, then filtered and stored.

During the fermentation process, many beneficial bacteria are produced, including lactic acid bacteria, which are easily formed into probiotics. Kombucha also contains a special amount of B vitamins.

The additional ingredients enrich its taste and aroma. Consequently, there are many types of Kombucha made from almost all fruits and vegetables, which not only quenches thirst, fills you with energy and provides an amazing feeling of coolness.

Q. What flavors of Henka Kombucha will the company offer customers?

A. As of today we have processed more than 60 flavors. But for this stage Henka Kombucha is presented in the market with three flavors – raspberries, basil, and Marakuia. All three flavors are in combination with ginger.

Q. How did you come up with an idea to produce Kombucha?

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A. Everyone has an aspiration to create something new and useful and thus to establish themselves, the idea of ​​making Kombucha was born that way.

We wanted to create a useful healthy and tasty product that would be an alternative to energy and sugary soft drinks.

Henka Kombucha is exactly the kind of drink which will soon make everyone fall in love with it and for many people it will become an integral part of their diet.

Q. Please tell us the future plans of Healthy Beverages Company.

A. As I have already told you we have created more than 60 flavors. We are going to introduce these flavors gradually to the market. However, at the same time, we do not stop to work on new flavors as well.

We are also actively working on creating different healthy products. The main thing for us is not to deviate from the main line. That is, any new product should be healthy, 100% natural and delicious of course, made in Georgia with local raw materials.

In the near future we are going to start exporting our produce.

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