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How DevOps Can Help Your Business Win in 2021 & Beyond

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The DevOps strategy is one of the fastest-growing productivity trends in the world of software companies. However, unless you’ve seen it implemented before, it can be confusing and a bit difficult to understand why and how it works.

While it’s true that better communication between developers and IT operations staff would indeed help speed things up, DevOps is not just about locking these two teams together in the same room until they learn to work with each other. This strategy is different from one business to another and requires a change in corporate culture that shifts things from top to bottom. 

By doing this, the DevOps strategy promises to improve the system of production and service, cut down the time and increase efficiency, and finally decrease the overall cost of production. But let’s take a look at some of the other benefits that may put your business in front of the competition and give you the upper hand in today’s fast-paced market. 

Quicker Deployment

The company that releases its product first (without bugs or inconsistencies) is the one to win the majority of customers. Therefore, even a few days delay can ruin your productivity plan if you are in a tight competition to the deadline. 

Of course, mistakes and problems will show up in any type of software development. However, when you use DevOps as your deployment strategy, it becomes easier to identify and fix these issues as the project is still in the building phase. This means that, once the product is sent for testing, there shouldn’t be any major changes or additions to make it work according to the specifications. 

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Quick tip: To make the most out of your new deployment system, it’s best to find a DevOps consulting services specialist who can tackle the implementation in a fast and swift manner. 

Improved Relationships Between Employees

Of course, it doesn’t mean the people in IT operations will become friends for life with the software developers, but the overall atmosphere will steer towards friendly collaboration. With DevOps, both teams have the same goal and there is no reason for conflict. 

Better team morale also helps speed up work and increases productivity, which usually translates into better profit for the company. 

Better Customer Experience

When you can deliver better software products, faster, this boosts the customers’ trust in the company’s capability and support. As a result, due to a successful DevOps implementation, the customers will gain more trust in your products, which means that the sales should also register an increase. 

Additionally, customers who trust a brand will spread the word, attracting other customers, which is a positive outcome for revenue and profitability. 

Faster Problem-Solving

When software developers and operations employees work together in a collaborative environment, it becomes easier to identify and solve problems. This means that a product won’t have to go through the same processes several times before it is viable for the market. 

As a result, problem-solving will cost less and there will be fewer resources involved in the process. Therefore, the company can focus more on adding interesting features or creating advanced products and less on fixing bugs that were missed in production. 

In Summary

The DevOps strategy is not a miracle solution that will solve all your problems, but it is a great way to improve collaboration, cut down costs, and make sure your highly-trained developers and IT operations people are working together. Therefore, your company will be able to develop successful apps or other software products faster and at a lower cost than before. Moreover, there will be more room for innovation, which will allow you to overcome the competition and carve your own market share. 

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