How do modern AC’s help you save money?

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Air conditioning has become an essential appliance in our homes due to the extreme temperatures that we may experience during the winter and summer seasons, even becoming a danger to our health and well-being.

However, we are all aware that acquiring air conditioning for our home involves an initial investment for the installation of the air conditioning and extra expenses in the monthly energy payment.

On the other hand, when acquiring a modern air conditioner, even if the initial investment is a little higher, in the long term we will be saving money while enjoying its multiple benefits.

Ice Blast, an air conditioning company that offers residential and commercial air conditioning services in Brisbane, Australia, confirms that today, many types of modern air conditioners can help you save money over time. This means that the initial investment can be recovered in the long term through energy saving.

In the same way, even when you already have an air conditioner in your home, if it has already reached the end of its life span, or is already causing several problems at the operational level, the ideal is to change it for a more modern air conditioner.

Bear in mind that there are many types of air conditioning in the market, so the first step will be to choose the right fit for your home. Then, when you get to a decision, you can start looking for different AC models keeping in mind the features and the prices.

Generally, modern air conditioners have many improvements from old air conditioners in terms of energy efficiency, environmental care and usage.

In this article, we are going to summarize each point for you to better understand how modern air AC’s work and to make an informed decision in case you are planning to buy one soon.

Smart thermostats

Most modern air conditioners have a smart/wifi thermostat. The Thermostat’s main function is to switch the heating or air conditioning on and off depending on whether the temperature in the home is lower or higher than desired.

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But when it comes to smart thermostats it goes further. The thermostat will learn over time from your behaviour and will continuously regulate the temperature of your home by itself. In this way, it will maintain the ideal temperature at all times and will generate considerable money and energy savings.

Remember that even when you can get a smart thermostat and install it on your old air conditioning system, you won’t be able to get the most out of it.

Smart unit

You can find smart AC’s among modern units. The difference between a normal air conditioning system and an intelligent air conditioning is connectivity, a functionality that allows this appliance to be controlled through devices such as smartphones or tablets, replacing or complementing the classic remote control.

This improvement lets us adjusts the AC to our real needs. For example, on a particularly hot day, we can turn the AC on remotely so that our home reaches the desired temperature when we get home. Also, we can change the traditional programming for automation so the Ac turns on when it detects that we are at home.

Likewise, some integrated apps make use of geolocation to adapt to the temperatures of the geographical area in which we are and thus carry out a more reasonable consumption.

Eco-friendly refrigerants

The type of refrigerant used in heating and cooling systems has changed over the years. Today, the industry standard is R-410A refrigerant.

Your older system may use R-22, a refrigerant that has been phased out. As a result, it will be more difficult to find this refrigerant over time, and if you do find it, it will be extremely expensive. In this way, you will be saving money while taking care of the environment as well.

Econ mode or Energy saver mode

Speaking about eco-friendly objects, many modern air conditioners are already eco friendly. When changing the settings to econ mode you will be able to save energy up to 30%.

How? Well, the air conditioner will turn off once the room reaches the desired temperature and if over time, the room temperature is above the set one, the compressor will turn back on. In this way, the AC will not be running at all times letting you save money.

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Better air distribution

The most modern air conditioning systems are capable of varying air distribution speeds to improve comfort in your home and keep the temperature at a suitable level. Older models lack these features, so they tend to use a higher amount of energy to cool a room.

Also, there is something called a zoning system especially for ducted air conditioning that lets you set a different temperature for each room. It uses dampers in the duct to regulate the air and redirect it to different areas of the house in specific temperatures.


In conclusion, buying a modern air conditioner or replacing your old one has more benefits than just decreasing energy consumption and saving money. Modern air conditioners are less noisy, make your life easier with automation and also you won’t need repairing services anymore.

Modern air conditioners will even help you with an improvement in the airflow and the quality of the air which directly impacts your health and your family’s.

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