How to exchange crypto online?

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What is an online cryptocurrency exchange

A digital currency exchange is a process that allows trading cryptocurrencies for other assets, such as fiat money or other digital coins. 

Offline vs online exchange 

About the difference between online cryptocurrency exchange and exchange office on-premise knows everyone: online is faster as has no queues; does not require any extra body movement from wherever you are; is more secure as no people surround you at the moment of the procedure; is anonymous and the government has no access to it; offers more swap pairs than offline version, the list goes on. 

How to exchange crypto online

One of the greatest options for exchanging crypto online is change service. You can also feel free to instantly convert cryptocurrency via the tool whenever needed. It regularly gives the best change rates and prices in the United States dollar. Trading and transactions are private and unreachable for third parties. The transaction volume and quantity of transactions done are limitless. Here is the quick guide on changing crypto online via select the match for the action → enter the amount of both coins → click Exchange. 

The other few alternatives for the same purpose are Coinbase with a wide range of altcoin choices; one of the most convenient user interfaces, and high liquidity. How to exchange cryptocurrencies through Coinbase: tap Buy/Transfer or convert in the Coins tab on Coinbase Wallet → choose “Exchange” crypto → enter the crypto coin to swap from and to and the amount in fiat or crypto → verify your biometric or PIN and select “Confirm”. 

Bisq is the next good solution as it is a decentralized, no “Know Your Customer” platform, provides 30 diverse payment method options and is a mobile application for both Android and iOS. Binance shares with lower fees than most other exchanges, a variety of crypto coins and trading pairs, and advanced charting. Cash App is an amazing choice for beginners as it is a peer-to-peer transfer, gives the ability of Bitcoin withdrawal, and has an extremely straightforward user interface. 


There are lots of ways to convert cryptocurrencies online. You should trust the reliable exchanges to avoid scam and secure your crypto wallets. Always try to check the reviews of exact exchange, for ex. Use Trustpilot. 

Also, keep in mind, the commission rate of crypto transactions. It may vary on different platforms. 

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