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How to save money on car insurance

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Saving money on car insurance is something that we all want to do. Sometimes it feels like it is a pointless expense, so you do not put much time or thought into it, until your annual bill comes due anyway. Before covering some ways to save on your premium, we need to back pedal for a second. It is not a good idea to not have some type of coverage. As the old saying goes, “it is better to have it and not need it, then to not have it and need it.” Always carry auto insurance for any vehicle that you drive.

Now that has been covered, we can get on with the reason for this article. You wanted some tips on how to save money on your car insurance. So, let us get to it.

  1. Bundle-If your insurance portfolio has more than your one car, you need to gather them all up and then place them all into one account. This means that all your policies should be through one company. This will not only save you money on your car insurance, but on all your other policies as well.
  2. Compare-This may be the single most crucial step that you can take. You need to take the time to compare all of your options. Use an online platform that will compare car insurance companies for you. They will do all the leg work, leaving you with the simple task of comparing the policies and choosing the one that fits your needs, and budget, best. Remember that the cheapest offer is not always the optimal choice. Compare all the aspects of the policy that they are offering you.
  3. Discounts-See if there are any discounts that you can take advantage of. For instance, if you have taken drivers education, or even advanced defensive driving classes, you should get a discount because in theory, you are a safer risk because you are more knowledgeable than a person that has not taken the classes. Maybe your agent offers a discount for the group that you are in, such as Boy or Girl Scouts. You will never know if you do not ask.
  4. Deductible-One of the easiest ways to save money on your insurance policy is to increase the deductible amount that you are willing to pay. The higher your deductible is set, the lower the premium costs will go. When using this strategy remember what a deductible is. You will have to pay that amount before any payments on a claim will be made. It could end up causing a serious financial situation, so only put it as high as would be feasible to pay out if something should ever happen.
  5. Options-There are always extra little options to an auto insurance policy. That is why it is so important to read through the entire contract before signing it. If there is anything in it that you do not need remove it from the policy. An example of this would be the roadside assistance that many policies offer. Some charge you for it, though, so if you never plan to use it then you need to deny that option.

Saving on your auto insurance policy is not a complicated task, but it will require a little time and preparedness. The most important thing is to not jump at a cheap policy offer until you have done some research. The policy may not cover what you need it to cover, and it may not even cover the minimum amounts that your area requires. Never agree to any type of contract until you have read through it, you understand it, and you agree with all the aspects of the coverage.

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