How to turn trading into business? Meet Copy Trading

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Does your trading yield your profit? Get more of it! Sell your successful signals. Copy-trading means copying orders from one trader to another. The one who provides their trades for copying is a signal provider. As a provider, your goal is to make a profit for your clients, who are either the ones you know personally, e.g. your students or friends because they will have to trust you with their account access; or people who hesitate to provide you with their passwords leaving you searching for ways to work with them remotely.

 Is it that easy?

From a provider’s perspective, you’ve done the main job — you created a successful Forex trading strategy, so now you can share your profitable signals for decent extra income. However, by doing this, you can face some inconveniences. For example, your clients surely have different account sizes and risk approaches, which means that your parameters may not be quite suitable for them. Besides, if your clients trade with different brokers, they may have different symbol names, which makes copying troublesome. To make the process as easy as a pie, you need special software.

 Software for copy trading

There is literally no need to copy orders manually for each account, adjusting every trade towards each client’s specification. Forex Copier allows you to make all the adjustments instantly and with no latency. Copy forex trades easily using these essential features:

Lot and Risk management for each receiver to meet every client’s risk preferences.
Take Profit/Stop Loss settings to set a seatbelt for each client individually in no time.
Symbol name adjustments to comply with the trades to any broker no matter if they use different symbol names.
Controlling any number of receivers to the provider’s account and immediately getting all the connections combined into a convenient scheme.
Compatibility with the most popular trading platforms.
Copying from investor accounts.

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No access to clients’ passwords?

Trading terminals are on different computers?

No problem!

If your clients hesitate to give their passwords or do you simply find this responsibility unnecessary? Then Forex Copier Remote is your choice. It enables all the features of Forex Copier but has the ability to send orders for remote trading platforms. In addition, you get a super convenient option to manage your subscribers: adding, deleting, and setting the expiration time. All you need is just approval from your clients to get the job done.


With Forex Copier, you are not only a trader but a trading influencer! Share your ideas and insights in the form of signals with investors and get an automated passive income!

See how easy Copy Trading is? Download Forex Copier or Forex Copier Remote now!



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