Huawei and ITU-T Host Video Everywhere Summit to Drive the Video Industry Forward

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The FINANCIAL — Huawei and the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) jointly hosted the Video Everywhere Summit 2016. The event attracted global operators, industry partners, and industry leaders from consulting firms.

It provided a quality platform for attendees to better understand the trends of the global video industry, and formulate industry development and business strategies for a robust ecosystem, and develop unified standards for quantifying the video experience. Attendees discussed what types of networks are needed to support video services, explored what OTT players and content providers expect from operators, and held constructive discussions on how operators should develop video services. Huawei shared its vision of Big Video and unveiled a new video network architecture that can deliver an optimal experience, according to Huawei.

Zou Zhilei, President of Huawei’s Carrier BG, shared Huawei’s understanding and vision of Big Video in his speech. He remarked, “Future video scenarios will go beyond anything we can imagine today. Video will be a part of every industry; it will be a way of life and a completely new experience. We are now a video society.”

Video connections make for a closer, brilliant life. Video will connect billions of people and tens of billions of devices, creating a huge market worth US$100 billion. It will become a new basic service of operators. To capitalize on this huge market, operators need to develop competitive advantages in video services from four dimensions: services, networks, video standardization, and ecosystem. Huawei recently unveiled its five Big Initiatives, including Big Video, which will help operators succeed in their digital transformations. Huawei has developed open platform solutions for 2K/4K video, which aggregate content and enable innovation in video services. 4k video will become a powerful driver of network development, carry us into an era where “Network is king”, and present a great opportunity for operators to succeed in video services.

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To succeed in video services, companies need to make video experience a core competence. Measurement of the video experience is another complex issue. Video is used in many very different scenarios, with very different requirements. The existing video standards were having trouble responding to new demands. So at the last ITU-T meeting in Geneva, Huawei delivered a new video experience standard, U-vMOS, applicable to all H.265 videos. Along with the world’s operators and industry partners, Huawei hopes that this will become the consensus standard for the video industry, as consensus will support rapid growth for 4K video.

Zou emphasized the importance of creating an open industry platform and a flourishing video ecosystem. He said, “The growth of the video industry requires a shared vision and joint innovation among operators, equipment vendors, the media, content providers, software developers, and other stakeholders. Together, we can provide end users with the best service experience and achieve shared business success.”

Chaesub Lee, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, highlighted the importance of and shared progress regarding the development of unified standards for the video industry based on user experience. He called for participation from all industry players.

Li Kunlong, Director of Huawei’s Carrier Video Service Dept, referred to Huawei’s video network architecture that aims to deliver an optimal user experience. This is the first time that Huawei has proposed redefining network architecture with video experience in the industry. The network architecture prototype will be released at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona.

Guests from global operators and video industry partners also delivered speeches at the summit. They shared how industry players can collaborate to accelerate video service innovation, develop unified standards for quantifying the video experience, and usher in a golden era for the video industry with user experience at its core.

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