Huawei Enables CTM to Launch its 4G+ LTE Network in Macau

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The FINANCIALK — Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau S.A.R.L. (CTM) and Huawei announced that the deployment of a 4G+ LTE network has been successfully completed. The network is now commercially available for customers in Macau. Based on Huawei’s industry-leading LTE solution, the new network will bring a world-class 4G mobile communications experience to Macau customers, with faster, more stable high-bandwidth mobile broadband services.

Macau is well-known for its prosperous gaming sector and hyper-dense skyscrapers. With the world’s highest population density and building density, and the largest indoor coverage, Macau offers an extremely complex and challenging wireless environment for mobile network construction. Within just eight months, Huawei and CTM have successfully completed the network migration and upgrade to 4G LTE on schedule without any disruption to the existing network services and customer experience, according to Huawei.

Mr. Declan Leong, VP, Network Services of CTM said, “With the support of Huawei’s reliable and scalable solutions, our network was successfully optimized to ensure seamless migration for our users. Riding on our unique 4G mobile network in Macau that supports both TDD and FDD mode, we are thrilled to offer an unparalleled mobile broadband experience. Along with the official launch of 4G+ service, CTM will continue to stimulate the popularity of the applications and services powered by 4G+ network, and further enhance 4G service experience of our customers, with the objective of laying an important network infrastructure for Digital Macau.”

Mr. Shawn Ge, General Manager of Huawei Macau, said: “We are committed to providing the best telecommunications service to customers, and include to help CTM for the success of commercial use. As the sole supplier of CTM’s LTE network, Huawei delivers and deploys the SingleRAN solution and related network rollout services for CTM, creating an integrated best-in-class GSM/UMTS/LTE network with theoretical data speeds of up to 112 Mb/s. CTM’s integrated new network will not only open the door to more innovative services and applications for Macau citizens, but will also provide greater convenience for international travellers, who can now more easily stay in touch globally from Macau.”

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“We have brought together our top experts and project managers around the world to work closely with the team at CTM throughout the 4G network deployment. Together we overcome challenges, and completed the migration project on schedule. We have fulfilled their requirements in terms of quality and quantity. Huawei has also gained valuable experience working within the complex environment in Macau and stringent technical requirements set out by CTM.”

Moving forward, Huawei will continue to work with CTM and together bring the world’s most advanced telecommunications solutions for applications and services in Macau, further elevating the user experience for its customers. Huawei and CTM plan to launch a 4G network in collaboration with CA to maximise the value of spectrum and enhance network speed, bringing remarkable mobile broadband experience for users.


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