Huawei Hosts SMI-Lab Plugfest, Open Ups Cooperation with SNIA TC China

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The FINANCIAL — Huawei hosted Plugfest #2 of 2016 organized by the SNIA SMI-Lab. The dual-site event was held in the SNIA Technology Center (China) situated inside the Huawei Chengdu Research Center and the sister site at the Huawei Silicon Valley Research Center in the USA from February 22 through the 25th.

This was the first time SNIA TC China has organized such an event and the third time Huawei hosted the activity that runs simultaneously in China and the USA. During the Plugfest, participants and representatives conducted interoperability testing on products supporting SMI-S protocols. Attendees also shared their insights and best practices in storage management, explored protocol conceptualizations and optimizations, and discussed ways to further drive standards and technological developments in storage management, according to Huawei.

After considering the merits of moving toward simplifying storage management standards, Huawei was the first to propose the SSM project back in 2013 in the SNIA SMI-S Core Work Group. The proposal called for simplification of the original SMI-S standards to reduce the complexities involved in implementation and enhance the efficiencies in storage management. Huawei was one of the first companies to complete a viable SSM prototype, presenting its findings during this most recent Plugfest and testing the interconnection of the SSM-based draft release. The prelim testing demonstrated the feasibility of the SSM model while the standardized development and IOT approaches helped work out some of the issues in the standard and drive a more complete formulation.

SNIA TC is based in Colorado Springs, USA. SNIA Technology Center (China) moved into the Huawei Chengdu Research Center at the beginning of 2016. SNIA TC China is the first and current only technology center the standards organization has set up outside of China. The center is fully equipped to perform protocol compliance and CTP testing, deliver training, and drive standards develop. In the greater China region, the new center provides a quality platform to serve the storage industry and customers while helping the market develop in a well-ordered manner.

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The SNIA TC China event hosted by Huawei provides the storage industry with a collaborative, open, and innovative environment conducive to developing storage standards and new technologies. The event is an excellent venue for storage vendors to exchange ideas and find areas to cooperate. Huawei contributes to the storage industry with its support for SNIA TC China, once again demonstrating its increased commitment and responsibility to building a cooperative and open storage ecosystem, advocating openness and standardization in storage management, and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

With its focus on converging storage to make business more agile, Huawei Storage provides customers with smart solutions featuring high levels of integration. The open and cooperative approach of the storage arm of the company allows it to work closely with partners to provide storage solutions covering the entire industry. With these concerted efforts, Huawei and its partners are able to help customers build advanced and highly efficient IT platforms, enabling them to improve operational and business efficiencies.


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