Huawei to bring 73GHz mmWave Mu-MIMO live demo to Deutsche Telekom

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The FINANCIAL — Huawei announced it has showcased mmWave Mu-MIMO (millimeter wave Multi-user MIMO) technology live demo with Deutsche Telekom, German largest mobile service provider on the opening day of Mobile World Congress hold this week in Barcelona. The live demo conducted on millimeter wave band at 73GHz, achieved up to 70Gbps speed with high spectrum efficiency.

With the rapid increase of the mobile broadband communications traffic, the demand for spectrum to provide higher-capacity wireless mobile access and backhaul has been increasing drastically, especially to meet the challenges for the ultra-high throughput in emerging 5G network. Traditional lower bands used in current cellular access becomes ever crowed, therefore, there is an increasing effort to explore the centimeter wave (cmWave) and millimeter wave (mmWave) bands to meet broadband speed requirements. In particular, there is a global effort to study the higher frequency bands for the World Radio Congress 2019 (WRC-19) aiming to indentify the mmWave bands for 5G service, according to Huawei.

Deutsche Telekom launched 5G: haus program in March, 2015 to evaluate potential 5G technology enablers with global leading industry partners. As a part of collaboration between Huawei and Deutsche Telekom under the 5G:haus framework, the latest joint live showcase demonstrated the technology capability for mmWave Mu-MIMO, which achieved up to 70Gbps speed with high spectrum efficiency for multi-user scenario. The meta-material based focal array (MMFA) technology is used to create steerable pencil pointing beams, dynamic beam tracking feature is tested in mobile scenario.. Users are transmitting at the same time and same frequency separated by their different beam signatures.

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The mmWave Mu-MIMO technology can boost more than 20Gbps extreme high connectivity speed to individual user, the mmWave bands can be used as a complementary spectrum band to the lower-band to deliver ultra-high mobile broadband user experience.

“I’m pleased to see this successful show to prove the tangible ability of mmWave Mu-MIMO as one of 5G innovation. 5G requires network operators to offer ultra-high transmission for services capacity requirements, “Said Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Technology Officer, Deutsche Telekom.” We will continue to engage the innovation and evaluate advanced technologies with the leading partners to bring 5G into reality.”

“Huawei is investing tremendous efforts into the innovation of 5G key enabling technology.” said Dr. Tong Wen, Chief 5G scientist, Huawei Wireless CTO. “The mmWave Mu-MIMO technology can achieve the unprecedented fiber-like speed for the mobile broadband access, with a customer-centric innovation in mind, Huawei will continue to push the technology envelope jointly with our customer to deliver best-in-class 5G solutions.

Huawei and Deutsche Telekom collaborate in joint innovation and testing 5G system technologies, including air-interface and network architecture key technologies. Based on the past 6-year effort of 5G R&D, Huawei has made a significant progress to bring 5G into a reality . Huawei will team up with more partners in the industry to build the emerging 5G ecosystem and push forward the development of 5G.


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