Huawei to Enrich Digital Business with Launch of Digital inCloud Program

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The FINANCIAL — Huawei on October 22 unveiled its 2015-2016 Digital inCloud Program which aims to connect global carriers and partners to build up a digital ecosystem. Launched at the 2015 Innovation & Transformation Summit, the solution will facilitate: ease of distribution and trade between consumer, carriers, and partners of digital products/services.

This facilitation will be achieved through improved content aggregation, better management of local and global digital content, according to Huawei. 

The new Digital inCloud Program includes:

1. Digital inCloud Telecom Capability Cloud Service As a bridge between telecom carriers and partners, Digital inCloud aggregates global carriers’ telecom capabilities, such as payment, message notification, voice and cloud call center, and business operation analysis etc.; providing a one-stop service to partners to achieve “one spot access to reach all”. At the same time, it also provides a new channel for carriers to realize the telecom capability monetization. In 2016, Digital inCloud Telecom Capability Cloud Service will complete the capability aggregation of more than 300 carriers globally.

2. Global Service Innovation Cloud (GSIC) For global partners, GSIC provides a business innovation and incubation environment based on telecom capability, which includes: enterprise business opportunity information from global carriers, free resource acquisition of telecom capability cloud services, fund innovation, carrier friendly user testing etc. Through GSIC, partners will more easily achieve innovation, commercial launch and monetization of telecom enterprise business.

3. inTouch Partner Service 2.0 As of 2015, inTouch partnership program has aggregated 2000+ partners, and provided 200K+ digital services for nearly 60 carriers. It plans to aggregate 4000+ partners, with 35K+ digital services for 80+ carriers in 2016. To further improve the service for partners, inTouch Partner Service 2.0, which includes the update of several core capabilities, such as signing, service launching, distribution, settlement, service quality management etc. was also launched.

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At the summit, the Huawei South Pacific region also launched Digital Transformation Standard Operating Procedure (DT SOP), which provides the Speed TTM, Smart Management, and Secure Operation standard operating processes for carriers and partners. The DT SOP will accelerate the digital service transformation of carriers in the South Pacific region and help them build a carrier-centric digital service value chain and ecosystem, to help partners aggregated by inTouch realize fast monetization. It will also help provide digital services such as color video, music, game, social networking, reading, to achieve win-win business pattern.

3S DT SOP, has assisted Indonesia XL in DM (Digital Merchant) project to achieve VAS business revenue doubling in 2014 and assisted Indonesia Indosat in MCP (Smart Partner Project) Project to achieved VAS business revenue growth of 35% + in 2015.


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