Hyundai Auto Georgia to Provide 300 Blue Minivans to Tbilisi 

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It’s expected that Hyundai Auto Georgia will deliver 300 blue minivans to Tbilisi. It’s the only company that participated in municipality tender, with the initial purchase price – GEL 30 mln. 

This allowed the Tbilisi municipality to save GEL 497 000 on the purchase of minivans. The initial tender was announced in April 2020 with the budget of GEL 29 mln. But it was soon suspended due to the situation in the country. 

The next tender was announced on June 22, but it was also canceled by the transport company. 

According to the state procurement agency, the reason for the suspension was the correction of technical requirements for minivans, which were aimed at improving the competitive environment.  

The third tender was announced on July 16. The procedure of receiving official offers ended on August 17. It should be noted that comparing the previous tender announcements, the purchase price was increased.  

Tbilisi Municipality was planning to spend GEL 29,819 mln on the purchase of 300 minivans. 

According to the latest tender purchase price was GEL 30,497mln. A company that participated in the tender, offered GEL 30mln to the Tbilisi Transport Company.

What will decide Tbilisi Transport Company regarding the delivery of blue minivans by Hyundai Auto Georgia will be announced soon after the special commission will examine documentation provided by Hyundai Auto Georgia. 

According to the requirements, minivans must be produced in 2020, with blue color, with the capacity to carry 17 passengers. It should have a sliding door on the right side, the roof and walls of the van must be thermal insulated. 

Tbilisi will have minivans according to these requirements if Hyundai Auto Georgia wins the tender, the company claimed. 

The model Hyundai Auto Georgia offered is the Hyundai H350 that won the Minivan of The Year Award in 2020. This model costs cheaper than the main competitor on the market – Volkswagen Crafter and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Hyundai H350 is manufactured by South Korean companies in different countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam and Turkey.

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