IBM Opens European X-Force Command Center in Poland

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The FINANCIAL — IBM Security on June 19 announced the official opening of its modernized European IBM X-Force Command Center based in Poland.

The center has new cognitive capabilities, including IBM Watson for Cybersecurity, and expanded data localization services designed to help address clients’ preferences and GDPR requirements.

Located in Wrocław, Poland, the center joins the global network of IBM X-Force Command Centers, which process upwards of one trillion cyber incidents each month, helping to protect 4,500 clients across 133 countries. This global network is staffed by over 1,400 security professionals who provide around the clock service to clients. The IBM X-Force Command Center in Poland builds upon IBM’s $200 million investment in incident response capabilities announced last year.

The key areas of focus for the IBM X-Force Command Center in Poland are supporting clients in responding to cybersecurity incidents and serving as the hub in the company’s global network for GDPR expertise and specialized services. Through the center, IBM will be able to offer clients the option of managing their security data via IBM staff and infrastructure in Europe. IBM X-Force analysts and experts will also help clients with expedited incident response reporting, which could aid clients with the data breach notification requirement of the GDPR, according to IBM.

“The new IBM X-Force Command Center in Poland is a critical investment in helping clients seamlessly respond to cybersecurity incidents as well as prepare for GDPR,” said Julian Meyrick, Vice President, IBM Security, Europe. “In the center, insights from IBM’s world-renowned X-Force research team come together with local world-class talent to help clients take an immune system approach to cybersecurity.”

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Cognitive Security to Fight Cybercrime

According to the 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, which surveys cyber security trends, 2016 saw a dramatic increase in records compromised, from 600 million to more than 4 billion incidents of illegally acquired records, climbing 566% from 2015.  Analysts warn that the problem will be exacerbated, as the number of incidents within the next 5 years is expected to double. These statistics expose the companies to hefty potential losses, with the average total cost of a data breach amounting to $4 million.

In response to the challenges, IBM invested $200 million in the development of new centers, solutions and software aimed at fighting cyber threats. Thanks to the implementation of IBM Watson-powered cognitive solutions, it will be possible to significantly reduce incident response times.

The newly-launched IBM X-Force Command Center in Wrocław is staffed by world-class security professionals who will use cognitive technologies like Watson for client services, including chat sessions and data delivery, as well as Watson for Cyber Security to quickly address cyber security events.

IBM X-Force Command Poland Investments

The new center has expanded its space by nearly three times, while client engagement spaces have also been modernized to include telepresence systems. IBM analysts will be working in a modern space designed to promote an agile work environment, including new workstations which enable better communication between employees. Wroclaw Center’s services can now be provided under the EU delivery model, which implies that the client’s data will not be moved outside of the European Union.

“Both the growth of scale and the degree of intricacy of cyber-attacks require from us a continuous development of competencies in fighting cyber-attacks. For this purpose, we have developed the Wrocław X-Force Command Center and we are extending its range of services,” says Daniel Donhefner, Security Poland Site Leader. “Our specialists are able to continuously monitor the security of our clients and thanks to the most advanced cognitive technologies, immediately identify and manage threats for their companies,” he adds.

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IBM has collaborated with local academic centers to help train future potential employees. This includes programs with Wrocław University of Science and Technology and Wrocław University of Economics where the company’s experts give lectures and co-create courses. This has contributed to 95 percent of local specialists holding university degrees while others have multi-year experience in security.


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