ICC Georgia’s Press Release regarding corruption slander case brought By Judge Vladimer Kakabadze against Mr Fady Asly

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The FINANCIAL — On September 21, Tbilisi City Court has announced its judgement regarding the case brought by Judge Vladimir Kakabadze against the Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia Mr. Fady Asly.

According to the decision of the Court, with the purpose to restore the honor and dignity of the judge, Mr. Fady Asly has been requested to issue statements in those media channels, where he declared an arguable information back in March 2017. The court has also partially satisfied the complaint and asked Mr. Asly for a compensation of 3000 GEL instead of 20,000 GEL for moral damages.

“Neither a decision from Tbilisi City Court nor from the Appellate Court or from the Supreme Court will change my opinion that judge Vladimir Kakabadze is a corrupt judge.

Instead of covering up for corrupted judges, the Georgian Judiciary should clean itself from rotten elements in order to regain trust, credibility, dignity and respectability.

Judge Kakabadze’s dignity was lost the day he issued his corrupt ruling against Philip Morris and British American Tobacco; judges like him belong in jail.

The decision described by Tbilisi City Court as a precedent in the history of the Court aims at scaring citizens from expressing their opinions and criticizing corrupt judges and the corrupt system.

This decision is anti-constitutional in essence as it undermines the Constitution of Georgia that fosters freedom of expression and freedom of speech.
We will appeal this decision at all levels and will take the case to Strasbourg’s Court when all recourses in Georgia will be exhausted.

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In my opinion a corrupt judge who asks his own court to restore his reputation is like a prostitute who asks her gynecologist to restore her virginity”, said Fady Asly Chairman of ICC-Georgia.

ICC Georgia is the largest and most vocal global Business Association in the country; it includes over 350 corporate and youth members and 28 business associations. The International Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in the world that includes over 6.5 million businesses and chambers of commerce. ICC consults regularly at the global level with the G8, G20, the World Bank, WTO, WCO and the UN.


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