Iceland is the most in-demand destination for a solo female travel trip

The travel and hospitality experts at Accor predict female solo travel trips will become a popular trend in 2023, with Google searches for ‘best places to solo travel as a woman’ already soaring +5,000% in the last month.

In a bid to uncover popular hotspots for solo female travellers, Accor analysed* global Google search volume to reveal the top 10 most popular destinations for those planning a solo getaway.

Destination  Average monthly searches in the last 12 months YoY change
Iceland 2,740,000 0%
Italy 1,898,000 +83%
Japan 1,830,000 +175%
UK 1,220,000 0%
Singapore 1,000,000 +49%
Spain 829,000 +233%
New Zealand 825,100 +49%
Thailand 823,000 +82%
Indonesia 673,200 +83%
Austrailia 74,000 +22%

With 2,740,000 average monthly searches, Iceland tops our list as being the most in-demand destination for women looking to book a solo travel trip in 2023.


Located in Northern Europe, Iceland is the ideal travel destination if your desired schedule consists of outdoor activities, including hiking and climbing. Iceland has also ranked consecutively in first place on the Global Peace Index.

Italy and Japan make up the top three most in-demand destinations for solo female travellers

With 1,898,000 average monthly searches, another European destination Italy takes second place in our rankings. Italy is home to cities Milan, Venice, and Rome, and hosts more UNESCO sites than anywhere else in the world

In third place, Japan racks up 1,830,000 average monthly searches. The country, situated off the east coast of Asia, is home to popular tourist destinations including Tokyo and its neighbouring cities, Nikko and Hakone. Japan is also known for its strong transport links which makes navigating your way around the country exceptionally easy– especially important for those embarking on a solo female travel trip.

Spain is emerging as an up-and-coming hotspot, with the highest increase in searches YoY

Despite landing sixth place in the rankings, Spain is predicted to become a travel hotspot for female solo travellers, with a +233% increase in searches YoY.

As one of the most visited countries in the world, Spain boasts around 8,000 kilometres of coastline. This perfectly paired with up to 3,000 hours of sun per year makes it ideal for female solo travellers chasing the sun.

Accor has partnered with female travel experts, SHe Travel Club

In accommodating safe travels for women, Accor has partnered with SHe Travel Club, an independent hotel label that leverages women’s feedback to label hospitality locations approved by, and for female travellers.

Speaking on the benefits of solo female travel, experts at SHe Travel Club explain:

“Travelling solo as a woman can have many benefits. On a personal level, it allows women to feel empowered, boosts our self-confidence, and helps us adapt to different cultures, situations and people.”

Further to Accor’s study, the experts at SHe Travel Club reveal key points for consideration when finalising your dream travel destination.

“Safety should be a priority when considering your chosen destination. Conduct research and read reviews to identify safe spots, and don’t hesitate to reach out to locals through online forums and communities, especially other female travellers.” 

Enhance your safety through preparation, according to SHe Travel Club

When preparing for your travels, SHe Travel experts recommend the following: “The 4 pillars: always start your preparations by securing the 4 pillars that surround your journey; safety, comfort, services, and dining.”

“Subscribe to specialised blogs: look out for blogs and forums around your chosen destination(s). Contact other female travellers, and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.”

“Pre-plan your inter-city travel: if you’re planning on hopping across multiple destinations, be sure to have a plan in place that will accommodate this. Look into local, trusted taxi companies, and download or print off public transport timetables and maps to determine the ideal means of transport.”


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