Ideas for Home Based Professions

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The FINANCIAL — Ana Mushkudiani has been running handmade crafts business at home for several years. She claims that selling handmade accessories can earn some money.


“My accessories cost from 5 GEL to 30 GEL,” Ana Mushkudiani said to The FINANCIAL. “This business can’t pay for all my needs, but it does bring in enough money for daily expenses.”

Mushkudiani is 25 years old and has a family: a husband and four year old daughter and two years old son.  Because of her small child, she can’t work out of the home. That’s why Ana works on accessories. She mostly makes brooches, frequently using different stones. She promotes her accessories on the internet and has had a few buyers through the internet.

“I was a student and my family couldn’t afford to pay for all of my needs and wishes. I tried but couldn’t find an adequate job for myself as I was still studying and lacked enough free time. After long thought I decided to make accessories and sell them. this is very convenient as I make them at home when I find some free time,” Mushkudiani stated.

“It’s a type of job that you can enjoy whilst making money. The handmade crafts business is quite optimistic,” she added.

Intellectual service, educational activities and el-commerce are the best activities that can be run at home in Georgia, according to experts in Georgia.

“It’s quit tough to run a business and earn proper profit from home in Georgia,” Davit Narmania, Economic expert told the FINANCIAL, “Consulting including law consulting, giving lessons in different disciplines and el-commerce, buying and selling products are best activities that can bring proper profit by running from home.”

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El-commerce businesses run from home are becoming more and more popular in Georgia. There are several small entrepreneurs who offer service of online shopping. They sitting at home help people to find preferable items and order them. Majority of such entrepreneurs run the business via social network Facebook.

One of them is Jewelry Online Gallery. Gaga Giorgadze, owner of the store runs it on Facebook as well. But he plans to launch the web-page of the store.

“I carried out a focus group and decided to sell official patents of famous brand accessories,” Giorgadze said. “We have our partners at various countries and they provide us the accessories.”

“I don’t need office or anything else for my business. I run the business from home and this is quite convenient for me,” he added.
Price at Jewelry Online Gallery varies from 12 up to 50 GEL. Main demand is for the products of 15-25 GEL. The store has about 50 orders weekly, but owner supposes to triple the number in the near future.

“I already have some items in Tbilisi, others will be delivered after ordering. The service is quite popular among Georgians, especially women of 15-40, but sometimes men also order accessories for their partners,” Giorgadze noted.

Soon official patents of bags, sun-glasses and watches of famous brands including Hermes, Guess, Prada, Fendi, Armani, Luis Vuitton will be available as well, Giorgadze promises.

Being private teacher is another profitable home based job in Georgia. Georgian university entrants tend to do special one year courses in every discipline they are going to pass to enter the high school.

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Iza Svanidze is a teacher of Russian language. She is suffering by obesity and has some health problems. Therefore Svanidze can’t teach at school or university. So she teaches at home.

“I have tought at school for years, but now I can hardly walk,” Svanidze said the FINANCIAL. “Russian isn’t very popular nowadays, but still I have pupils bringing enough money to afford my living. I enjoyed teaching at school, but to tell the truth now I prefer staying at home and receiving pupils here. Such lessons are more interesting for me.”



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