Importers of the Caspian-Black Sea region to increase the imports of sunflower oil

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The FINANCIAL — According to the USDA estimations, in 2015/16 MY three key countries of the Caspian-Black Sea region, which actively purchase sunflower oil (Turkey, Iran, and Uzbekistan), will increase the import volumes of the commodity by 10% compared with the previous season indices.

In the current season, Turkey will remain the largest importer of sunflower oil in the region, and purchase 880 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil, against 814 thsd tonnes in 2014/15 MY (up 8.1%). Iran will increase the import volumes by 13.5% (420 thsd tonnes, against 370 thsd tonnes), and Uzbekistan – up 15.7% (140 thsd tonnes, against 121 thsd tonnes).

As for the supplies of sunflower oil from Ukraine to the reporting countries, according to APK-Inform Agency, in 2014/15 MY Iran became the largest country-importer of the Ukrainian commodity – 301.6 thsd tonnes, or 81.5% of the general Iranian imports of sunflower oil. Last season, Turkey imported 176.7 thsd tonnes of the commodity from Ukraine (21.7% of the general imports), and Uzbekistan – 5.3 thsd tonnes (4.4%). During the first 5 months of the current season (September-January), the index for Turkey totaled 93.4 thsd tonnes, Iran – 47.8 thsd tonnes, and Uzbekistan – 2.9 thsd tonnes, according to APK-Inform.


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