In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine doubled the exports of peas to the EU countries

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The FINANCIAL — In July-March of 2016/17 MY, Ukraine supplied 11.9 thsd tonnes of peas to the EU countries, an increase of 96% compared with the same index last season (6.1 thsd tonnes).

At the same time, in the reporting period the EU countries covered 4% of the supplies, against 3% in 2015/16 MY. Ukraine realized the most active deliveries in July-September and in February-April periods.

In particular, the UK became the main buyer of Ukrainian peas in the reporting region, and purchased 4.59 thsd tonnes of the crop, up 4.4 times compared with the same period last season. Also, Spain increased the imports in 2.8 times, to 3.63 thsd tonnes. The Netherlands imported nearly 1.25 thsd tonnes of peas, up 5.7 times compared with the same period last season, according to APK-Inform.

It should be noted that significant increasing in production of peas in 2016, in terms of expansion of the planted areas and favourable weather conditions, contributed to enlargement of Ukrainian peas exports in general, and supplying to the EU countries in particular. So, in the current season Ukraine harvested record volumes of peas – 759 thsd tonnes, with a record yield at 3.11 t/ha, and the planted areas at 239 thsd ha. Also, Ukraine keeps the tendency of further expansion of peas planted areas. As of April 25, Ukrainian agrarians planted peas throughout 375 thsd ha, up almost 56% compared with the same date last year. At the same time, it is untimely to discuss estimations of peas yield, especially in terms of the current non-standard weather conditions in April, but Ukraine still expects for further increasing of the production.

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