In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine significantly increased the supply of wheat bran to Turkey

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The FINANCIAL — Turkey is a key country-importer of wheat bran from Ukraine, and in the current season the country started gradually increasing the purchasing volumes.

So, in July-February of 2016/17 MY Turkey imported almost 352 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian wheat bran, an increase of 14% compared with the same period in 2015/16 MY (309.9 thsd tonnes), and up 4% compared with July-February of 2014/15 MY (337.8 thsd tonnes). Generally, in 2015/16 MY Ukraine supplied 475.8 thsd tonnes of wheat bran to Turkey, up 2% compared with 2014/15 MY (467.8 thsd tonnes).

Also, in the current season Turkey increased its share among foreign buyers of wheat bran from Ukraine. Thus, in 2014/15 MY the share of Turkey totaled 91% in the export structure, and in 2015/16 MY – 86%, but in the current MY the figures will grow to 98%, according to APK-Inform.

As for the prospects, the current rates of flour production in Ukraine do not allow significantly increasing the exports of wheat bran in the current season. On the other hand, reduction in the production of animal feed provides additional volumes of wheat bran for the domestic market. At the same time, Ukraine will mainly develop its export sales at the expense of increasing of the supplies to Turkey. In addition, in the coming season Ukraine will likely increase wheat exports to Turkey, in terms of the current troubles in trade relations between Turkey and Russia.


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