In 2016, Ukraine reduced production of all types of flour

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The FINANCIAL — According to the official statistics data, in 2016 Ukraine reduced production volumes of all types of flour by 86 thsd tonnes – to 1.92 mln tonnes, against 2.01 mln tonnes in the previous year.

In particular, the production of wheat and wheat-rye flour decreased by 41 thsd tonnes to 1.83 mln tonnes, flour from other grain crops – down 45 thsd tonnes to 101 thsd tonnes, and flour from pulses – down 133 tonnes to 1.9 thsd tonnes.

At the same time, the exports of flour from Ukraine grew by 64.5 thsd tonnes – to 371.9 thsd tonnes, against 307.4 thsd tonnes in 2015, according to APK-Inform.


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