In 2017, Ukraine exported agricultural products at almost 18 bln USD

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The FINANCIAL — In 2017, in Ukraine the general foreign trade turnover of agricultural and food products totaled 22.6 bln USD, including 17.9 bln USD of exports, an increase of 16.3% compared with the indicator of 2016, declared the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine for European Integration, Olga Trofimtseva on January 26.

In the previous year, the figures totaled 15.5 bln USD. To date, the share of exports in the general volume of foreign trade with agricultural and food products totaled 79.4%. In particular, the export value of crop production increased by 2.1 bln USD, and totaled 16.7 bln USD, and the supplies of livestock products increased by 371.4 mln USD, and totaled 1.3 bln USD, said O.Trofimtseva.

According to her, grain crops formed 36.2% in the export structure of Ukrainian agricultural and food products, vegetable oils – 25.1%, and oilseeds – 11.3%. Also, Ukraine increased the supplies of processed and food products: butter – up 92.2 mln USD, and flour products and groats – up 48.8 mln USD.

To date, the supplies to Asian countries totaled 42.6% from the general structure, the EU – 32.4%, African countries – 14.2%, the CIS – 7.6%, the USA – 0.4%, and other countries – 2.8%. In 2017, India, the Netherlands, Egypt, Spain and China became the TOP-5 countries-leaders who purchased Ukrainian agricultural and food products at more than 1 bln USD, according to APK-Inform.


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