In 2017, Ukraine significantly increased the exports of rye

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The FINANCIAL — According to the official statistics figures, in 2017 Ukraine exported 25 thsd tonnes of rye, an increase of 4 times compared with the previous year. At the same time, the supplies became monthly since March 2017 only.

In the reporting period, the EU countries were the largest buyers of the Ukrainian grain, especially Poland (32% of the general exports) and Spain (18%). Also, Bangladesh (17%) and Indonesia (15%) purchased large-scale volumes of Ukrainian rye.

According to APK-Inform figures, in 2017 the exports of organic rye from Ukraine totaled nearly 1 thsd tonnes, up nearly 5 times compared with 2016. Ukraine mainly shipped organic rye to Switzerland (49% of the general exports) and Austria (25%). At the same time, in 2017 the reporting countries imported exclusively organic rye from Ukraine, whereas the following top-importers – Poland and Germany – purchased both traditional and organic rye.


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