In July-May, Ukraine exported over 32.6 mln tonnes of grains

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The FINANCIAL — In July-May of 2014/15 MY, Ukraine exported 32.664 mln tonnes of grains. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine forecasted the general volume of grain exports in 2014/15 MY at 36.885 mln tonnes, which somewhat exceeds the indices published last month, declared the Interdepartmental working group under the Ministry of Economic Development on June 18.

In particular, the export volumes of wheat are estimated at 11.665 mln tonnes, rye – 0.023 mln tonnes, barley – 4.505 mln tonnes, corn – 20.057 mln tonnes, oats – 0.135 mln tonnes, millet – 0.098 mln tonnes, and other grains – 0.378 mln tonnes, according to APK Inform.

According to the balance sheets, in 2014/15 MY the general grain production in the country (excluding the Crimea) will total 63.859 mln tonnes, which completely meets the index published last month.

As of the beginning of 2014/15 MY, the stocks are estimated at 8.339 mln tonnes. Thus, the total supply of grains will reach 72.486 mln tonnes. The domestic demand is forecasted at 27.121 mln tonnes of grains, including 12.04 mln tonnes of wheat, 0.522 mln tonnes of rye, 4.471 mln tonnes of barley, and 8.8 mln tonnes of corn.

As of the end of 2014/15 MY, the ending stocks are estimated at 8.48 mln tonnes of grains, which corresponds to the index published in the previous forecast.


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