The FINANCIAL - Top Reasons to Choose an Apartment at Metra Park

Top Reasons to Choose an Apartment at Metra Park

Top Reasons to Choose an Apartment at Metra Park

The FINANCIAL -- In today’s busy times, the home is the one place where we are guaranteed rest and relaxation. For that reason people do their best to choose the right location and conditions for their home so that it is both close to the industrial centre of the city and at the same time means that they can live in a comfortable and healthy environment.

In addition, the devaluation of the GEL has reached a level where there has been a danger that the expectation of inflation could be reflected in price growth. Given the current conditions Metra Development decided to allow consumers to invest in real estate by purchasing apartments with an exchange rate of USD 1 to GEL 1.75.

Metra Development Converts USD 1 to GEL 1.75

Despite the existing economic conditions, Metra Development is giving consumers the unique chance to purchase an apartment at Metra Park. It will be a wise investment and despite the exchange rate volatility, will avoid foreign exchange risks. Given the fact that the GEL devaluation trend has increased, the company decided to return a stable monetary rate to consumers - with USD 1 worth GEL 1.75.

Clean Air

The air quality in Tbilisi is not in line with the standards stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). The content of carbon oxides and nitrogen dioxide in the air are especially high on Rustaveli, Agmashenebeli and Tsereteli avenues, as well as in the Gldani and Isani districts. A total of 71% of air pollution is estimated to come from vehicles. According to the data of 2012, over 900,000 vehicles are moving regularly in Tbilisi. Most of them are over 10 years old. As of yet, the issue remains out of control.

In 2014 WHO published new data on the issue. According to it, over 7 million people have died worldwide as a result of the effects of air pollution.

Bagebi is not overloaded with transport vehicles. Accordingly, the environment there is less polluted. Consequently, the health of Bagebi residents is not at risk of diseases caused by pollution.

More Green Cover

The number of parks and green areas is increasingly shrinking in the central areas of Tbilisi. Meanwhile, Bagebi is located on a hillside. There are lots of deciduous trees there, as well as Pinophyta trees. These are especially good for children. The green cover of Bagebi is clearly visible even on Google Maps.

According to a certain U.S. environment protection NGO, one tree can absorb 21.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year while one large tree can provide enough oxygen for two people.

Proximity to the City Centre

Some people may have the impression that Bagebi is far away from the central districts, rather than some of the streets in Saburtalo for example. However, this is absolutely not true.

Bagebi is just a few minutes’ drive from the central districts. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get from Freedom Square to Bagebi by car. Meanwhile, to get from the same place to Nutsubidze Street, it will take 15-20 minutes by car. According to Google Maps, Bagebi is 7 kilometres from Freedom Square. In addition, all modes of public transport, including minibuses, frequently travel to and from Bagebi, taking around 20 minutes to get from there to the centre of the city.

Necessary Facilities

Some believe that as Bagebi is a new district, there is a lack of useful facilities. This is an incorrect belief and we will prove the opposite. There are several private schools in the territory of Bagebi. Shopping facilities, supermarkets and sports centres, for example Vake swimming pool, an open swimming pool and fitness centre, and a football field are located nearby as well. And Vake Park and Turtle Lake are also close.


It is very difficult to live in the city centre and avoid the noise of the streets. However, Bagebi is an exception in this regard. Living in Bagebi is the same as living in the countryside in that respect. It is about ten minutes away from the central districts of Tbilisi. At the same time it is away from the city’s noise and dust. It is a clean place and the air is fresh. As well as these benefits, purchasing apartments is another reason. It is a very good investment. About 10 years ago the price per square metre in Bagebi was USD 280. Today, the cost in the same area per square metre is more than USD 950.

The Lowest Price on the Construction Market

Metra Development always tries to consider customers’ needs. Today, the main problem affecting all of us is the depreciation of the Georgian Lari. It is itself a subject of anxiety. The situation frightens any buyer. They are avoiding making any major decisions. Taking this into account, we developed a user-friendly system - at Metra Development USD 1 = GEL 1.75. In these circumstances buyers can purchase an apartment with a stable exchange rate.

Metra Park - Green District

A green area near the city centre is the concept of Metra Park. The residential complex area of 5.5 hectares of land is mainly populated with Pinophyta trees. In addition to the natural vegetation, the project envisages the construction of additional green squares and playgrounds for children.

A large part of the residential complex will be a green area. It is one of the main advantages of the project. Metra Park’s existence means that it is now possible to live in environmentally protected conditions without leaving the city centre.

20 Residential Houses

Metra Park is a settlement of 20 houses. Their number of storeys is from two to six. The fact that the buildings are all low-rise is no coincidence. The company’s management believes that it creates greater comfort, which is a central concept of Metra Park.

Flats vary from 59 to 215 square metres. Underground parking is also provided, which is connected to the residential floors by elevator.

European Building Materials

Another advantage of Metra Park is its European high-quality building materials. The plastic windows of German REHAU, energy efficient water pumps of German WILO, Italian water pipes, passenger and freight elevators of OTIS, and sound isolating floors are materials which Metra Development uses during construction.

As for the acceptance conditions, the starting condition is Metra Standard. It includes a white-frame with other conditions: heating system and radiators, air conditioning and fire alarm.




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