Swedavia: Increased international travel in October

Swedavia: Increased international travel in October

Swedavia: Increased international travel in October

The FINANCIAL -- The strong growth in international air travel continued in October. The number of passengers who flew to or from one of Swedavia’s airports increased by a total of five per cent in October compared to the same period in 2014. International travel was up a full nine per cent.

The largest increases in percentage terms were at Göteborg Landvetter Airport, up 32 per cent, and Bromma Stockholm Airport, up 21 per cent. For Sweden’s largest airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, international traffic increased five per cent in October.

During October, a total of almost 3.5 million passengers flew to or from one of Swedavia’s ten Swedish airports. Passenger volume was thus five per cent higher compared to October last year. Measured in the number of passengers, the increase was about 170,000. The number of international passengers was almost 2.2 million, which is a nine per cent increase compared to the same month last year. Domestic travel so far this year is up one per cent to almost 11 million passengers, according to Swedavia.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport so far this year has had more than 19.6 million passengers, Göteborg Landvetter Airport 5.2 million, and Bromma Stockholm Airport just over 2 million.

- One factor contributing to this growth is that passengers can choose to fly non-stop to an ever larger number of destinations. With these investments by airlines, 28 per cent of intercontinental passengers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport now choose to fly non-stop to their final destination. That is almost twice the level compared to 2013. Meanwhile, travel via Göteborg Landvetter Airport is showing strength, with new links – both domestic and international, says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive at Swedavia.

So far in 2015, passenger volume at Swedavia’s airports has increased five per cent to 31.8 million.

Important events in October:

Visby Airport has increased domestic travel by six per cent during the year

Göteborg Landvetter Airport had almost 450,000 international passengers

Luleå had a two per cent increase in domestic passengers, to almost 100,000



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