Arakishvili Residence - Perfect for Those Wanting to Buy a House Already Fully Furnished with Premium Appliances

Arakishvili Residence - Perfect for Those Wanting to Buy a House Already Fully Furnished with Premium Appliances

The FINANCIAL -- Arakishvili Residence is launching a New Year campaign, with discounts and gifts for customers. Those willing to purchase an apartment at Arakishvili Residence will have an opportunity to have their flat fully furnished with premium class appliances, plus get a discount during the promotion period. As part of the campaign, the price per square meter starts from USD 1100, said Ms. Teona Akhobadze, Marketing and Communications Manager at Colliers International Georgia, to The FINANCIAL.

“We wanted to present Christmas holiday gifts to our clients, so we considered it essential to kit out the new flats. Our gifts are divided into two packages, one for those buying up to 100 sq m, and another for those buying over 100 sq m. Both include: a Bosch refrigerator, gas range (oven, cooktops, range hood), dishwasher, kitchen robot, washing machine, breakfast set (toaster, electric kettle, coffee machine), vacuum cleaner, also a Samsung LED TV and Hyundai air conditioner,” mentioned Ms. Akhobadze.

Q. What is the concept of Arakishvili Residence and what segment of the population is the project oriented at?

A. Arakishvili Residence is located at 3 Arakishvili Street in central Vake - one of the most popular residential parts of the city. Besides location, it is also an interesting project in terms of architecture. With its soaring, natural-stone adorned columns and metal décor, the four-block, fourteen-storey structure’s façade is designed to fit well on Arakishvili Street and enhance the entire area’s visual appeal.

The complex comprises 84 apartments. The lower level of the building comprises a two-level parking place for vehicles and bicycles. Apartments have optimal planning for diverse views and tastes.

For additional comfort, the complex provides 24-hour security services.

The Arakishvili Residence as a product is mainly oriented at middle and high segment target audience customers.

Q. What is the share of recreational zones at Arakishvili Residence?

A. Arakishvili Residence will have its own recreation zone for kids and adults, the greened and accommodated yard will be separated from the street by an electronic turnpike. The building will have its own basketball and children’s playgrounds.

Q. Are there any down payment opportunities or any special conditions for mortgages?

A. The project is being implemented with the financial support of Bank of Georgia. Besides the ongoing campaign, Arakishvili Residence also offers flexible payment conditions. Customers are able to enjoy an interest-free internal instalment payment scheme, as well as Bank of Georgia mortgage loan with only 6% interest rate.

Q. What are the prices and average sizes of apartments?

A. The sizes of apartments start from 51 sq m, 1 bedroom flats, and end with up to 200 sq m. For those willing to move into even bigger apartments, we also offer an option of united flats which can go up to around 260 sq m.

The standard price ranges from 1200 USD to 1400 USD. During the Christmas promotion period, as mentioned above, we offer discounted prices for our customers.

Q. Are there any commercial areas in the building or is it intended only for residential space?

A. Besides residential, the building has commercial space of up to 4200 sq m, occupying 3 floors of the building. We offer commercial spaces for sale starting from 1800 USD per sq m, and of course have areas for lease as well.

Q. How do you promote sales, what are the key factors of your attitude towards clients?

A. As an exclusive broker of the project, Colliers International Georgia is providing the lease, sales and marketing services to Arakishvili Residence. Our attitude towards clients as Colliers team members is always based on building reliable relationships, strengthened by our experience in these fields. We do our best to offer a full package service to our customers according to their needs, creating memorable experiences by exceeding expectations both in business outcomes and in personal interactions.

Q. When is the launch of the project planned for?

A. Construction works for the residential building started in January 2016 and are expected to be completed at the end of November 2017.

Author: Nikoloz Charkviani