Lisi Development and Kokhta Mitarbi Resort Open New Sales Office   “Showrooms represent each of the projects accurately”

Lisi Development and Kokhta Mitarbi Resort Open New Sales Office   “Showrooms represent each of the projects accurately”

The FINANCIAL -- Company Lisi Development and Kohta Mitarbi Resort are now represented by a new sales office at #22 Chavchavadze Avenue.

Here customers can view replicas of apartments’ interiors and see examples of building materials. The exterior of the sales office is decorated with vertical gardening with an irrigation system, representative of the company’s prime concept of 80/20. This concept entails 80% of a site being designated for parks, green zones and additional infrastructure, while only 20% is designated for residential houses. Nodar Adeishvili, General Director of Lisi Development, talks here about the new branch with The FINANCIAL

Q. Can you tell us what the benefits are of the new sales office? How is it unique?

A. The Lisi Green Town and Kokhta Mitarbi Showrooms represent each of the projects accurately, as there are replicas of a Kokhta Mitarbi Resort living room and Lisi Development dining room interior. Because we have a turnkey concept at Kokhta Mitarbi, its showroom is an exact copy of one of our apartments’ living rooms, down to the very building materials, furniture and appliances. On the other hand, Lisi Green Town’s showroom is made with the same building materials as we have at Lisi but with furniture of our choice. In addition, both of the showrooms have a sales representative on site who will show viewers around the rooms and answer any questions, and, if desired, handle and register sales on the spot.

Q. What exactly is the 80/20 concept you’ve adopted, the framework of which applies to your new sales office too? How does it work?

A. As I mentioned before, the 80/20 concept represents the company’s approach to development and its investment strategy, with a positive ratio towards greenery and recreational infrastructure on site. How is it represented in practice? On the one hand we are developing buildings with elegant architecture and energy-efficient materials, and at the same time we are investing in parks and recreational zones on location. This approach is noticeable in the examples of Lisi development’s projects, since it is comparatively older and already has its achievements. Since its establishment the company has planted up to 30,000 trees and seedlings on its residential complexes and in the vicinity of the nearby lake.

Q. How does the company’s client-orientated approach affect its strategy and daily work?

A. We are in constant communication with our residents. The purchase of an apartment in our complex is just the beginning of our relationship with them. We have ongoing two-way communication with them. There is a front office in the complex where they can address us during working hours every day. The first concern of the population and therefore our micro town’s inhabitants is ecology and green development issues. In Green Town there are 3 parks at the moment and there will be 7 in the near future. All the trees and plants are imported specially from Europe, mainly from Italy, in order to bring a unique atmosphere to the location and to distinguish it from other city locations. At the moment a gardener’s team with 15 members are taking care of every tree and plant on site on a daily basis, in order to maintain them in perfect condition. In accordance with the growing quantity of parks and plants needing care, we will increase the gardening team too, naturally.

Q. Tell us about Lisi Green Town, what made this an award-winning project?

A. From the beginning the project was planned as an ecologically exemplary residential complex and we maintained that idea over time. Having on the one hand high quality and energy-efficient building materials, and on the other the 80/20 concept with parks, green zones and additional infrastructure, gives us the possibility to stand out not only in our country and region, but also in Europe.

Q. You’re currently in the development stages of the Kokhta-Mitarbi resort, what can people expect upon its completion?

A. The Kokhta-Mitarbi Resort is a four-season complex of hotels and residential apartments of the highest international standards. The initial plan was developed by a French group of architects (who have already executed huge projects in the Alps in France, as well as in different world-renowned resorts) and afterwards the general plan for development was created by Georgian and foreign architects, including the road, parking places and as many recreation zones as possible.

Our purpose is to develop a new, modern and healthy lifestyle for families, recreational zones and a brand new resort in a unique location, for the duration of all four seasons. The 80/20 model will be applied here too, together with the ‘Ski In, Ski Out’ concept and unique design criteria due to its outstanding architecture, quality of building materials and low density.

As of this point the first building of the resort has been completed, which combines apartments and a hotel and represents a classic ‘apart-hotel’. As you know, at the Kokhta Mitarbi Resort customers receive apartments according to the turnkey concept – renovated, furnished and fully equipped with appliances. Simultaneously, other building blocks are already in the process of being developed. Therefore in total, according to the first phase, the hotel and 500 apartments will be built. All the apartments will be fully renovated and furnished come completion.

Q. How can we differentiate your projects from those of competitor companies?

A. The natural locations of our projects give us the opportunity to obtain a strong competitive advantage that we use to full capacity. We are taking advantage of the natural green resources that the locations provide, and multiplying this by importing further plants and trees from Europe. Our 80/20 concept that implies developing on location's 80% parks, recreational spaces and additional infrastructure, leaving only 20% for residential houses. We have a master plan for each of our projects which we follow. This includes not only buildings but plants, parks and leisure infrastructures. This serves an additional guarantee that nothing will change in the complex after purchasing an apartment in it.

Q. What’s the next big thing Lisi Development is going to offer in the nearest future?

A. We are not just standing still in one place and are instead developing in multiple directions. First, we are starting a third neighbourhood in the form of the extraordinary project ‘Green Tower’ in Green town. Second, we are developing planning and further developing the Kokhta-Mitarbi region. And last but not least, we have already started a plan for a huge project on the Black Sea, the details of which will be revealed in the nearest future.