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Intrec Georgia Bringing Innovations to the Building Materials Market

Intrec Georgia continues to grow at a rapid pace on the Georgian market, and with the growing experience it has gained modern technologies and efficient management, the company is bringing a novelty to the Georgian building materials market – Bazisi, which is special Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, in another words GFRP rebar.

“Glass Fiber Reinforced rebar Bazisi and all other products under the brand-named Bazisi, reduces the weaving time of the construction structure at 3-4 time and it allows you to save time and money on all possible stages of reinforcement”, said the chief of the companyRoman Pirtskhalava. We also produce another new products for Georgian market, construction stirrups and double loop wire ties.

“The client receives all kinds of products related to concrete reinforcement work from us. Innovation has always been the priority for us and accordingly we are constantly working on creating new products that will be focused on the needs and comfort of potential customers”, Vasil Makatsaria the director of company Intrec Georgia said.


Interc Georgia was planning to export its products and there was an interest from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Canada. Could you please update us with the latest information about this direction?

Yes there was an opportunity to export our products during the previous construction season. Negotiations were underway but due to various external factors, these deadlines have been postponed. This year the beginning of the construction season coincided with the global crisis caused by Covid-19 and now we are back to the stage of gradually resuming negotiations.

How competitive is the market in Georgia and how much is it growing?

The Georgian market, it can definitely be said, is growing. Compared to last year, the demand for GFRP Bazisi has increased considerably. Awareness of this product has increased, and numerous private houses and commercial buildings have already been built with Bazisi products. Its use has also started on highways. It is also noteworthy that the demand for Bazisi has increased in the highland and sea resort areas of Georgia. One of its advantages is that it’s easier to transport, also it does not corrode, it is nearly three times stronger and five times lighter than metal, in total 30-40% cheaper, GRFP Bazisi is transparent to radio waves, it does not conduct heat, and it can be ordered at any length of rebars. Due to the above characteristics, it is useful for any area like sea side, highland areas and etc.

Congratulations on winning a Golden Brand award. This was the third Golden Brand win for Intrec Georgia. In your opinion what led Intrec Georgia and brand Bazisi to this success?

2019 was productive in different directions, though notably in increased awareness and demand for Bazisi. Its uniqueness and innovation led to an increase in the use of this product in the construction sector. We would like to express our gratefulness for organizing this event. This award will give us more motivation to position ourselves better on the market, to offer more to our customers and work harder to achieve the best results.


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