Intrec Georgia Wins Golden Brand, Becomes No1 in Producing Fiberglass Reinforcement

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Georgian company Intrec Georgia, a leader in the production of composite reinforcement, has just won its first Golden Brand award, becoming the No1 brand in its field in the country named by over 100 experts and 2,000 customers.

Intrec Georgia introduced new production on the market in 2014 – FRP rebar manufacturing, which has been growing and developing since then. The company won a Golden Brand award precisely for this production line.

“The company has accumulated enough experience and technological resources to meet not only the requirements of the local market. We have collaborated with a number of private construction and large construction companies, and numerous private, commercial and industrial spaces were built as a result with the use of FRP rebar manufactured by Intrec Georgia,” said Chief Executive Director of Intrec Georgia, Elguja Basilaia.

The company continues to grow, and with the experience it has gained of modern technologies and efficient management, Intrec Georgia continues to serve customers today.

“During this period, despite numerous obstacles, the company’s main goal has always been and remains its continuous development, innovative product offerings, product quality daily refining capacity and offering low prices.

Day by day fiberglass reinforcement is being more and more actively used in the market of modern capital construction.

Q. What are the main advantages of fiberglass reinforcement?

A. First of all I want to mention that fiberglass reinforcement was not previously available on the Georgian market and we were the first company to start producing it.

Fiberglass reinforcement is a unique building material, and fiberglass and various types of polymers are used for its manufacture.

The main advantages of fiberglass reinforcement are that it does not corrode, rust, and does not change its properties even in hostile environments. For stability, fiberglass rebar is ranked among the first group of most chemically steady materials.

In case of equal diameter, the fiberglass rebar, when stretching, is 2.5-3 times more resistant than steel reinforcement. Due to this the term “full strength metal replacement” was accepted. That is, the replacement of metal is available for fiberglass reinforcement with smaller full-strength stability.

Fiberglass rebar is much lighter. Its weight is five times less in comparison with metal fittings of equal diameter, and nine times lighter than metal fittings of full-strength diameter. All this not only facilitates a concrete structure, but also gives the opportunity to save on costs for transportation to its place of destination. It is 30-40% cheaper in comparison with its equivalent of full-strength metal.

Q. Who are the clients of Intrec Georgia?

A. We have worked with a number of different companies and also private entities.

Recently, we launched cooperation with famous hypermarkets such as Domino, Gorgia, Bricorama, who also brought us their corporate clients.

We also cooperate with foreigner partners which has helped us to increase our production capacity. Today we are capable of producing 100,000 meters of fiberglass reinforcement a day.

With Intrec Georgia’s produced fiberglass reinforcement, a number of gas stations, production facilities, houses, melioration systems and other type of construction objects have been built over the years.

Q. Do you export fiberglass reinforcement and if so, where to?

A. So far no, but we have plans. There is big interest from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Canada.

Q. Congratulations on winning a Golden Brand award. This was the second Golden Brand win for Intrec Georgia. What has been your impression – what led Intrec Georgia to this success in your opinion?

A. I want to say thank you for organizing this event. You created a very pleasant and nice environment where the representatives of so many leading companies gathered under one roof. We had a chance to establish business communication with other companies and discuss some business offers.

As for the award itself, it will give us more motivation to position ourselves better on the market, to offer more to our customers and work harder to achieve the best results.

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