IOM trains Georgian officials to identify fraudulent documents at border checkpoints

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The FINANCIAL — An EU-funded project implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has held a training course for frontline officers from Georgia’s Patrol Police as part of a strategic plan by the Ministry of Interior to create a higher level of document handling expertise at all border checkpoints and to improve standards of fraud detection.

During the training, a group of experienced Georgian officials received extensive instruction in document security and fraud, according to EU Neighbourhood Info.

“Officers were tested on forged and counterfeit documents with restrictions to replicate the pressures at border checkpoints,” a press release said, adding: “The course ended with a classroom based paper examination followed by each participant examining two travel documents without reference to any advice from others”.

The EU has a strategic partnership with the IOM, based on a shared interest in bringing the benefits of well-managed international migration to migrants and society. In the Neighbourhood East, common projects include developing effective readmission mechanisms in the South Caucasus and supporting the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum.


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