Irnero’s Innovative Solution for Contaminated Air in Public Places and Transport

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The FINANCIAL — Through intense rebranding the respected, innovative company Wintekpro re-launched as Irnero earlier this year. Originally founded in March 2018, Wintekpro established itself as a brand far superior to that of a mere window-cleaning company.

The tremendous work put in by the research and development (R&D) team resulted in the company patenting world record-holding technology in efficiency.

Maintaining its rapid rate of innovation, since then Irnero has developed and patented a large-scale water cleaning, air-refreshing ‘Ozonator’, and solar-panel-cleaning technologies, thereby establishing its name as an environmentally friendly brand.

The FINANCIAL interviewed Luka Pachkoria, the Managing Director of Irnero, who elaborated on the fundamental aspects of the company’s development.

Q. Tell us about your product range, and how would you evaluate the market?

A. The emergence of environment-friendliness as a relevant matter paved the way for us to target the global market. The world’s desperate demand for non-toxic technology that fights harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi is what determined our development of ozone-based cleaning systems.

The debuted window, created and patented by our R&D team, has been equipped with inner and outer air contamination detectors and self cleaning panels that are conveniently controlled by the customer via mobile application.

In a nutshell, with the Ozonator integrated through the ventilation systems of the window, its smart systems automatically detect air contamination and start the emission of ozone, meanwhile through the application customers have the ability to activate a convenient self-cleaning window regime.

In a world where air quality is becoming more and more questionable, such a feature shows tremendous potential for growth.

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However, our aim to establish a name for ourselves far superior to that of a mere one-hit-wonder pushed us to our limits in efforts to develop solar panel cleaners.

A contaminated surface on solar panels is estimated to reduce efficiency by 25-35%. The figures are so significant that most of the time owners are left with no choice but to pay additional cleaning expenses.

Our self-cleaning systems installed on panels provide effectiveness and exponentially reduce long-term expenses.

And finally, there are the water Ozonators that simply guarantee the purest of waters, refreshed by oxygen.

Ozone holds the title of being the most efficient substance in fighting bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms. Finding the most efficient way to emit ozone is down to our technological know-how.

Q. How cost-effective are your window-cleaners?

A. With customer satisfaction being a core value of ours, long-term cost-effectiveness has been established as an unrivalled trait of Irnero’s.

Considering the popularity of tall city buildings, it’s easy to imagine the expense of cleaning infrastructures that large. What’s more, the task is so extreme that most such cleaning jobs are undertaken by those who have experience in rock climbing.

Running the figures is convincing enough to persuade customers to invest a little extra in Irnero’s self-cleaning systems to guarantee effectiveness in the long run.

Q. How can your product contribute to the wellbeing of society?

A. We strongly believe that our society deserves to breathe only the freshest of air.

Imagine hot summer days, when travelling on overcrowded public transport seems unbearable. Not only does our window Ozonator guarantee a fresh flow of air, but it also fully extinguishes harmful substances and unpleasant smells as well. The application for the device varies widely from buses to trains.

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Now imagine chilly winter days, when the constant threat of flu terrorises parents and hinders the educational process. From schools to daycares, 100% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria will solve such problems with ease.

Public establishments could also implement water cleaning systems, which by eradicating contaminated water would reduce the risk of flu even further.

We believe we hold a valuable solution to one of the most notorious problems of all time.

Q. How would you describe the R&D team of Irnero?

A. Having collaborated with dozens of scientists, the management team respected the importance of the unification of different specialists with a primary vision.

Irnero has established a high-profile team that has gathered scientists from various fields. The R&D team aims to invent useful, environmentally-friendly products that have industrial potential.

Q. Are there any safety issues concerning the Ozonator?

The device poses absolutely no danger to users. We are proud to state that each and every device is up to European standards.

The smart systems strictly regulate the emission of ozone molecules, so the device is always aware of what percentage of molecules should be maintained within the volume of any given room.

With environment-friendliness emerging as a clear trend of the 21st century, Irnero shows serious growth potential. The innovations being offered by the company promise a refreshed public environment and long-term cost effectiveness.

By Gela Megeneishvili

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