ISFED: Parallel Vote Tabulation Results

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The FINANCIAL — The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) has published the results of the parallel vote tabulation (PVT) exercise.

Tallying mostly orderly

The watchdog noted that the vote tabulation process at the election commissions has mostly been orderly, although some violations did occur, such as improper tallying of the votes and the entry of the final data, limitation to the rights of observers, discrepancies between the number of ballots and signatures, violations of the procedures of sealing the ballot boxes, as well as declaring legible ballots invalid. For the moment, ISFED has submitted 73 complaints in precinct and 82 – in district election commissions, according to

PVT: in line with the official tally

ISFED calculated the participation rate at 46.6% (CEC 46.74%). The leading candidates have gathered, according to PVT,

Salome Zurabishvili – 37.6% (min 36.7%, max 38.5%). The CEC result at this time (99.5% precincts counted) stands at 38.66%.

Grigol Vashadze – 38.5% (min 37.5%, max 39.5%). The CEC result at this time – 37.7%

Davit Bakradze – 11% (min 10.5%, max. 11.5%). The CEC result – 10.97%.

According to PVT, a total of 3.2% of cast ballots were declared invalid, which is considerably higher than in 2013 (1.8%).


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