JAL Commences Mobile Robot Demonstrative Trials to Support Customers’ Baggage Transportation at Airport

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The FINANCIAL — Japan Airlines (JAL) decided to perform mobile robot demonstrative trials intended to support carrying baggage transportation at airport from April 17 through April 28, 2017.

These trails are taking place in the domestic terminal at Fukuoka Airport.

In anticipation of robot technology to be used in service sector widely, JAL is looking forward to the improvement of efficiency and services by utilizing robot technology at the airport, according to JAL.

These trials are focusing on a special service to growing customers who using wheelchair and family customers with baby carriage. This is an attempt to provide customers with more safety and relieve the burden of transporting the baggage at the airport. Detailed Demonstrative Trials as below:

– After customer arrival, the mobile robot helps the customer to transport checked baggage to the nearest ground transportation waiting area.

– The ability of mobile robot guiding customer to the waiting area.

JAL is making an effort to improve accessibility, which includes supporting customers with disabilities and older customers to deliver a travel experience with peace of mind. JAL will be continuing to embrace new challenges in order to provide customers with unparalleled services.


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